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Just completed my first FODMAP shopping trip. Confused over bread ingredients

Im taking on the Fodmap 7 day trial and have to say how disappointing my shopping trip had been, I've managed to pick up some gluten free plain flour and lactose free milk.

A real eye opener.

I can cook with all the green light foods as listed on the Fodmap app but I really want a bread for convieneiece and am a bit confused over gluten or wheat free

There wasn't anything available in Tesco anyway so its a case of sourcing online.

Should I be looking for gluten free bread flour or wheat free spelt flour.

I've made pasta & pastry before with gluten free plain flour so that's ok.


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It isn't just the gluten in cereals that causes IBS symptoms. Gluten is not an issue in FODMAPs. Wheat, barley and rye belong to the fructans group and should be completely avoided in the first stages of FODMAPs - gluten-free or not. Spelt is still wheat although it's lower in gluten than the common or garden variety and is best avoided (at least initially) in case fructans is your problem rather than gluten. Try crispbreads made with corn and/or rice as a substitute for bread, also corn tortillas are a good standby. You can also buy pasta made from either rice, corn or a mix of both.

If you look at the app in more detail you can see that wheat is pretty much a no-no.

This is a tough regime especially in the first elimination stage and it's best to run that for at least 3 weeks rather than just 1 as it takes some people's bodies take longer to adjust. If you don't commit to it completely, you'll never be absolutely sure whether it could work for you or not.

The Patsy Catsos book could be real help to you as it's very detailed and gives you a plan to follow. Her website is at: ibsfree.net . The author also has IBS which puts her on precisely the same wavelength as the rest of us.

For good free-from foods try: goodnessdirect.co.uk and: realfoods.co.uk



Tesco do actually have a range of gluten and wheat free. It is kept entirely away from the normal breads so ask. However some of these do have additives that are FODMAPS such as apple juice to name one so you might end up with symptoms still.

From experience I would say stay clear of all processed foods as there are far too many additives that could cause gastro issues. It will also be easier for you to pinpoint what you can and cannot tolerate. Keep a food and symptom diary too.


I have found that Marks & Spencer's wheat free bread is good and doesn't have any non allowed additive, they also do a fruit loaf which is good in small quantities.


My local tesco is garbage. I kid you not, the "free from section is 6' wide with half of it stacked up with pickled onions.

Granted there were some very expensive processed gluten free products but that's not what I was after.

M&s is a 30 mile round trip and is in a town centre so I'll not be going there in hurry

I'm sticking to the low fodmap diet religiously so as not to get mixed results.

Touch wood, the first 48 hours have been great.

Am using the app to keep a diary


When looking for flour I would say stay away from spelt...it still has gluten in it and is an ancient type of wheat.

Your best bet are wheat free flours which are all gluten free anyway.


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