Yogurt a bad thing?

Hi I'm trying to figure out my IBS, like we all are!, and think I might have found a trigger. Tues morn I had yogurt with my granola, and had the bad stomachache and bloating all day. Wed, Thurs and this morn I have had milk and banana with my granola, and feel a lot better. So is it the yogurt and the bacteria in it that upsets my stomach? I do love yogurt though!

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  • Hi, I have had ibs for about a year or so and I am slowly getting to grips what foods agree and don't. The is several yogurts that do not agree with me as I get really bad bloating and cramping pains etc.

    Try wheat and gluten free products like lacto free cheese,yogurt, butter , wheat free etc as I hsve been doubt this for about a month now and I feel better in terms of the bloating , that has reduce a lot but Its managing the other things like the burping, cramping pains etc

  • The things that make me bloated are definitely the carbs. Try cutting down on the carbs (e.g. no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) just for a week and see if that makes any difference. Bloating comes from the gut bacteria working on all the sugar in the carbs.

  • Are you eating plain yogurt or flavoured yogurt? Some have more additives and sugars than others, it's always better to add your own flavouring.

  • It's flavoured yogurt, I will try plain!

  • You could try eliminating all dairy from your diet for at least 2/3 weeks to see how you feel

  • Hi, try 100% fat free Greek yoghurt or new product called Skyer, they work for me. Apparently these yoghurts are fermented for longer so more lactose is removed. Worth a try if like me you love yoghurt. Good luck


  • you will find in the end, all foods will trigger IBS...lettuce is the hardest food to digest unless you boil it first to soften it.

    My wife had severe IBS for a decade (2015 now) and is now eating all foods including dairy, wheat, lettuce one again.

    We would love to help you get eating food once again.

    See Carole's story at natural-alternative-healing.net



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