Does anybody have trouble finding lactose free yogurts?

I'm on Fodmaps diet and last week I got some yogurts in Sainsbury's, but now they've stopped having them. Tesco and Morrisons do not have them either. Yogurt is one of my favourite things I shall really miss it. Also, can you have Soya yogurt on Fodmaps? I have two lists, one says yes and the other says no!!

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  • Hi Jazzyjoan,

    I also find it difficult to buy lactose-free yogurts, have you tried eating 'normal' yogurt with the addition of lactase drops or taking a lactase tablet beforehand? Lactase allows your body to digest lactose and works for lots of people.

    For me, soya is a definite no-no and really gives me a hard time, but perhaps it isn't the same for everybody, I think it's a case of trial and error.

  • Thanks RozB. I haven't tried lactase tablets, but I shall if I can't get the items I want! I haven't tried soya, so don't know how it will affect me - watch this space!!

  • Hi jazzyjoan, so glad you asked this question as Greek Yoghurt is one of my great favourites and I have really missed it on the FODMAPS diet. I will try the lactase tablets that RosB suggests, as I have not given that a go before. I also cannot tolerate soy (although tofu is ok for me).

  • Hi I too am a yoghurt lover, but as I understand it during the heating process the lactose is supposedly killed off in yoghurts. I have yoghurts and also the soya yoghurts and desserts. I so far havent had a reaction to them but I do take lactase enysmes if Im unsure whats in the food Im eating.

  • I am vegan so eat a lot of soya and it doesn't affect my IBS at all. Lots f other beans and pulses do a lot however. Just to put that out there. IBS is so different for everyone isn't it.

  • Thanks everybody for your replies. I think I'm going to try the lactase enzymes and see how I get on.

  • ASDA still sell the lactofree yoghurts if you have one nearby.

  • oh great, thank you scubaange.

  • Have you tried making your own? I am considering this so did research and the Lakeland one seems to come out best. Possibly able to make lactose free? Not sure. Worth a look anyway. Just a side issue, does lactose make IBS worse or do you have lactose free things for another reason? Hope you don't mind me asking. I have had IBS for about 30 years and any advice is helpful.

    Regards Sarah

  • Lactose triggers IBS because it a sugar that ferments in one's lower intestine. It is sugars that are the problem – according to the University of Monash in Australia. But certain configurations of soya are triggers as well, thus the need to find lactose free yogurt that is not soy yogurt.

    There are coconut milk based yogurts that are delicious but quite expensive. Waitrose has the Coconut Collaborative brand. Sainsbury's only has the Lacto free fruit yogurts - which are delicious, but I want plain. Ocado has a Turkish lactose free plain yogurt that is quite inexpensive, but I cant find enough stuff to get to the £40 minimum. Holland & Barrett don't have anything and when I offered the names of suppliers, was told "Oh, we're too big a company to take customer requests."

  • Hi Toby1960, I haven't tried making my own - yet! I find milk products make me feel nauseous, but i'm not entirely sure whether this is related to my IBS or not, but lactose free products definitely help. I'm amazed that nobody seems to sell them any more.

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