Low FODMAP diet - yogurt suggestions please

I used to have soya yogurts with my breakfast with my breakfast but now need to exclude. Other than Lactofree yogurts which are far too sweet for my palette, does anyone have any suggestions of products that I can find without too much difficulty, either healthfood shops or online without huge delivery costs please? Or does anyone have a low FODMAP solution that is similar to yogurt and easy to prepare/buy?

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  • I now make my own using the Lakeland yogurt maker, it's quite simple & fermenting the yogurt for 24 hours removes the lactose which suits me.

  • Oo, I hadn't thought of making my own. Might ask for a yogurt maker for my birthday. How long does the yogurt last for after you make it?

  • I take just 1 tsp sheep's yoghurt once or twice a day when I need it. I can't tolerate dairy products in general but sheep's yoghurt has the healthy bacteria in it. The mild flavour belies its health benefits.

    I have another sheep's yoghurt tip too I had a UTI recently and had to have two different antibiotics to get rid of it - that gave me thrush and rather than use Canestan cream recommended by the doc I applied the yoghurt to the area and it gave immediatae relief and cured it in no time.

  • I had been using Goats Milk yogurt (St Helens Farm) and didn't think it was a problem but the low FODMAP exclusion for 6-8 weeks cuts out all sources of lactose completely so I cannot have it any more. And my usual Alpro Soya yogurts that I had at breakfast are made from whole soya bean which is excluded from low FODMAP. As I have already had success after a week of following the diet, I don't want to bend the rules and I think Sheep's Milk Yogurt contains lactose. But thanks for the advice :)

  • The yogurt lasts at least 5 days in the fridge.

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