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how I hate this dam illness,another plan cancelled

not been to bad for a couple of days and so planned a day out with my husband ,daughter and 2 grandsons today,one is having his 1st birthday today and low and behold i am total crap today,today is a C day and doubled with pain and cramps,hate this illness and hate myself for having to keep cancelling plans,I try not to complain but sometimes feel life is not worth living,had this for almost 20yrs and tried every option to help.

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Hi Cassie, Im so sorry today isnt a good day. I know how you feel, i cant count the amount of times ive had to cancel days out. Had a holiday in Florida in May this year and spent a number of days holed up in my hotel room due to my IBS-D so i know how you feel. Ive had this for about 5 years now and still trying to figure out the triggers. I guess all we can do is make the most of the good days, however few and far between they are. The worst part is im only 27 years old and cant do many of the things i would like too. But i have a great and supportive family that try their best to understand what im going through which helps a lot. Sorry that theres nothing i can suggest to help.

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Perhaps try relating techniques ,yoga breathing and if c is looming what your mum gave you whic is traditional,prunes and figs.Worry about what if brings it on for me so I try to block that something different is about to happen and meet it head on.


Should read relaxing


I have ibs for decades and have managed to keep it more or less under control by eliminating wheat and gluten and dairy. I shop at the 'free from' range at supermarkets. But over the last 5 years when I do get an attack of IBS-d (usually triggered by abnormal stress) I vomit too! so when my bowel has completely eliminated all food waste does my its subside! My doctor is referring me to a specialist as he says vomiting is unusual?...does anyone else suffer with vomiting too?


Yes Tarot1234,I do have really bad bouts were I have vomiting,It usually starts with left sided pain then feel I need to go toilet but if nothing happens I keep vomiting for hours,then D starts and dont know which end to put over toilet,after these bouts it takes days to feel better then all the other usual IBS symptoms start again,I have had all the tests,barium enema, 2 colonoscopies,adbominal scan,it shows I have diverticular disease along with the IBS. Tried every remedy ive ever heard of and still trying,tried hypnotherapy,yoga,relaxation,now i'm try theta cd's and hoping yet again for something that may help.x


Hi Cassie, I'm exactly the same as you. I've tried everything there is,Diets,hypnotherapy,all the IBS medications,and I've had every test,and still I'm suffering daily. I know I don't live to far from you,so when I tell you I'm seeing the best Proffesor of Gastrology in the country,I travel to Manchester to see him,you probably know who I mean. And even he is at a loss with me. The last time I seen him he gave me Oramorph for the pain,which helps but doesn't solve the problem. It also constipates me,which is fine from time to time when I have the really bad days of never being off the loo. I know this hasn't been much help, as I don't think anyone can help with IBS,but it is a comfort knowing your not alone. Take care here's a Hug.


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