So more long will this last...I do not know

I have had ibs-d for years...sometimes its been better than at other times but for the last year and a half its been just plain awful.

Well, I am almost 'superstitious' about writing this (have to be honest and admit it! :) ) but I started taking Mirtazapine for my anxiety about a month ago... it just the last few days starting to help me with the anxiety (started in Sept 10th) BUT THE SHOCKING THIS IS: I am no longer having diarrhea... In fact, it has swung to the opposite extreme so I have to make sure I take my psyllium and sometimes stool softeners and also Cascara Sagrada capsules.

Like I said: I am almost afraid of saying anything about it for fear ibs will say HERE I AM AGAIN...HAHAHA :) .....But, stranger things have happened. Everyone has their own reactions to ALL kinds of meds... but I have really been enjoying not having to SPRINT for the nearest br.... or cancel going places, etc etc etc... you know what I mean.

I will REPOST if there is a change... Is anyone else here on Mirtazapine?? And have you had a similar experience?? I am only on 15mg...and only take 1 pill per day at bedtime...

If you have both anxiety (or depression) and ibs-d ... you might talk this over with your dr.

Best wishes to all of you!


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  • so glad someone has found a cure for them cos this is a terrible long had you been on these tabs b4 the effect was noticed?

  • Within just a few days, actually...been on them for a month on the 10th... Last night I took 2 stool softeners (Kroger brand works ok) and this morning it wasn't quite as much of a struggle... whew...who knows what tomorrow will bring! :)

  • Thank you for that betty.i suffer from anxiety n depression is kicking in now cos ive had enough of it every day with pains n not knowing how long it will last.ive never heard of those tablets but when i see my gp i will ask about them.keep me posted how your pleased you got some relief.thats what im desperate for to.thank u again.ive got the c ibs well thats what they think it waiting for results of some tests.

  • Well, all the very best, BettyA, I am sure there are loads of us watching this space..............


  • Well, I will then try to keep up with the reporting... I read something yesterday that had me a bit discouraged... I found quite a few sites including two forums for people who take Mirtazapine and have constipation.... oh heavy sigh...if it isn't one thing, its another... Well, ever onward! :)

  • Hi Mirtazapine to help you going to my drs tomorrow and i was going to ask him about you mind if i ask you,do you live in this country.i hope you carry on being easier.its day by day isnt wishes.

  • I live in Denver, Colorado...grew up in Kansas (a very rural state, very small towns...agriculture, farming, etc)

    Its a good idea to ask your drs about Mirtazapine...It does help me relax so that I can get to sleep sometimes with taking nothing else. I am hoping that at least within another few wks time, it will just help me feel 'better' perkier, and more my old self.

    I just am up now and stirring around...,my very worst time of day...shortly after I wake up. I have to force myself to get up, totally ready, go to a coffee shop across the street and meet up with a couple of friends...its my morning routine. I don't really feel like I WANT to do that...but I make myself and after I am there awhile, I do feel better. ,

  • Thank you for your reply sounds nice where you live.i dont know if they do that drug over here ive never heard of it before thats why i asked you where you still going to ask the dr tho.yes you have to make the effort i do worst time is in the mornings also but then some afternoons it rears its ugly head.mine is so glad you go for a coffee with friends.i havent got any where i live.but i still make the effort like you.take care betty and stay in touch.

  • Torchy, I had not heard of the drug either until my dr recommended it.. It also goes by the name of Remeron... (sp?) So far still no diarrhea... and once in awhile I am shocked to find my bm is 'normal'... But like I said, I will play it day by day and assume NOTHING.... Do you live in the US or the UK...or we have quite a few from Australia, too! I think that is such a wonderful thing...being able to be in touch with people from all over.

  • Hi betty.i live in the UK.yes its great to talk to people from different parts of the world.i will ask my dr tomorrow about those tablets.take care.x

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