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Sorry to be slightly gross here guys and gals but has anyone got any tips on controlling your IBS when its the time of the month ladies? Whatever I do leading up to it, I cannot control it on the day my period begins. The first day is horrific, constantly going to the toilet and constantly having cramping pains which is obviously worse due to it being the time of the month and my IBS on top. 

I hate to talk about this but whenever I go to the doctors they never seem to offer any advice, just a case of 'get on with it'. I keep having time off work because of this and I can't keep on doing this :(

Any help I'd greatly appreciate.

Thanks in advance 

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  • Have you looked into endometriosis ? Sounds like you could have that. The only way to diagnose is a laproscopy gd luck x

  • No I haven't. I will look into this. Thank you 

  • I don't think it is endometriosis, but good to check it out. I used to have exactly the same thing. It is the hormones that affect the bowel as well especially at that time. I have Ibs c so could put up with that for a day, but for cramps take Buscopan. That should help a little to ease the spasms.

  • Buscopan does nothing for me these days. Honestly when I say nothing works for the pain, nothing really does. I take paracetamol and ibuprofen each every two hours and it just doesn't even touch the surface :( it's awful 

  • P. and Ib. are relatively mild pain killers - a possible sequence is -- Paracetamol - Co-Codamol - Solpadol - Tramadol - Morphine in increasing pain-killing effect.  As with any pain-killer watch out for the side effects - consult your Doctor.

  • Thanks for this! 

  • Thankfully that time of life has now passed for me but remember it well,the only think that helped me with the pain was co codamol.

  • Hi Gilesy94, do you take any binders for IBS-D, I find around this time of the month I am the same, it doesn't agree with everyone ,but I take Colpamin , and at this time of the month I just take more, which slows down the dreaded D, down, and like some others it doesn't Constipate, or cause me any problems, as it's only Peppermint. Hope this helps you, or gives you some ideas. Take care good luck.

  • Hi gilesy94, just wondered if you've tried starflower oil capsules? I was just like you and took it every day for about7-8years. It really can help with th cramps and any mood swings. But you must take it every day and needs a couple of months to influence your system. Loperamide (Imodium) from your GP, should help the trots! Best wishes to you Jackie

  • Hi There,

    I did try evening primrose oil and star flower oil in one for a while and now I'm just on evening promise oil but will go back to star flower oil now that you've said! Thanks for the tip!

  • This might not apply, but my doctor put me on a contraceptive that  stopped my periods, telling me it often aggravated IBS as it was becoming unbearable for me with cramping. It's really improved since then, so I really would recommend trying that.

  • Yeah I used to be on the pill that stopped my periods but I felt it made me gain weight and it was something I just wasn't comfortable taking. Thanks for the advice x

  • That's a shame, I know how it affects your life so much, so hope you find something that works for you.

  • Thanks Debbie. I really appreciate that. It was Just a constant battle between not losing weight but enjoying my periods. The doctors shunned my opinion but I was convinced the pill made me want to eat more and then as I tried to lose the weight, I struggled! 

  • I have a contraceptive implant that has stopped my periods as I also found it unbearable, no issues now but I have gained weight

  • Yeah I had the implant for 3 months and the whole time I was constantly on my period! So decided to have it removed as it clearly did not agree with my body 

  • A very bland diet at that time might help. White rice, bananas, apples and white toast. Not exciting but it reduces the work the body is already overloaded with during a period.

    Best wishes

  • My Doctor gave me some special painkillers to take when I am on period. They are called mefenamic acid. You take them while you are on period for first few days and they totally help! You just take them with your meals as can't have on empty stomach. You still get cramps but these do actually work unlike other painkillers. Plus hot water bottle or heat pack is good for your tummy also. Don't let your tummy or back get cold cos that will make it worse I find.(may sound crazy in spring but I live in UK where it can actually be cold enough to snow this time of year!)

  • Yup constantly got the hot water bottle on my stomach!! Yup England has snow in April this year... Crazy lol! Thanks for the tips, will speak to the doctor about them 

  • As been said get your hormones checked if E too high causes problems as need progesterone higher to compensate that helps with many things but often overlooked.

    Ask to try one Called Zoely many find that better more natural type.

  • For ibs -d sufferers , it is not recommanded to take any medicine from the family of ( NSAD) Non Steroid Anti inflammatory  Drugs .They include ibuprofen/ ponstan and others .These aggravate diarrhea  and cramping specifically  for ibs -D people. That is why I substitute it with the anti spasmatic drug called  ( spasmomen) given to me by my GI Specialist , 2 tablets together before meals.The trick to period pains is to treat them before the arrival of this monthly  visitor ..which means taking your Meds 3 to 4 days before the due expected date .This really helped with me .if you read the leaflet  of ibuprofen  and ponstan , you will find this information about how they cause stomach upset /cramping and loose stools !! For normal people though, they might find it relieving the pain without severe  side effects, but for us ibs -D sufferers makes symptoms  much worse .

    hope this helps and take care 🌸

  • See if I take ibuprofen is bungs me up and then I can't go but still have the pain and need to go! So yeah, can't win either way :( thanks for your advice though, will look into it x

  • Its quite common for people to suffer from diarrhoea during a period because of hormone changes. So if u isually have ibs d it woukd prob make things even more unbearable. This is what i get and i dont have the willpower to change my diet at this time as its the one time of month i feel compelled to eat constantly lol. I take immodium as i cant stand the painful bowel spasms that come with diarrhoea i literally feel like im trying to push my guts inside out lol sorry tmi. 

  • Mate I'm totally the same!!! But no tablets work for me any more. Buscopan does nothing to me so looks like I'm gunna have to just try and manage it :( 

  • I have IBSc but on period time came I was constantly on the loo, in so much pain that I was actually sick, I had a coil fitted that thankfully stopped my period & it was also found that I had fibroids which could have contributed 

  • I have very similar symptoms and have also been diagnosed with endometriosis and ibs-d. The pill controls this most of the time but when it comes to the end of my third pill packet and I'm about to have a period (I take the pill 3 packs back to back) I have extreme stomach cramps and diarrhoea. The pain is unreal and other than ibuprofen there's nothing that helps. I'm also a member of the endometriosis group and that can be helpful to know that we're not alone! Especially in the middle of the night when you do truly feel alone! 

    Hope this helps xx

  • may i ask how to diagnose endometriosis ??

  • Hi, I've been seeing a gynaecologist and after ultra sounds to diagnose polycystic ovaries (shouldn't cause pain like the endometriosis does) he did an exploratory laparoscopy. It is a small key hole operation where they have a look in from a tiny incision in your belly button. Even if he did find anything they don't do anything there and then - it's just to confirm diagnosis and see at what level it is. 

    Hope this helps xx

  • THANK YOU for your reply , i will discuss this procedure with my GY in my next visit ..convincing the doctor  is the hardest part you know 😳

  • Yes it does always get worse especially for us who suffer with tummy issues already. I was advised to constantly be on the pill and skip periods. Try out natural remedies such as ginger or peppermint in tablet or tea form along with pain killers / immodium. I also have PCOS and endometriosis so check if you have that, as it can make it worse during your period.

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