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They cancelled my colonoscopy 30 minutes before I was going to start my bowel prep


Just venting really. I have been cutting out most fibre for several days now. I even went to a food fair in Canterbury on Sunday and behaved! :)

Did a complete day of low-residue yesterday and had a slice of toast at 9am today.

I went to to the Co-op to buy extra toilet rolls and clear juice at 3.30pm, just got in when the phone rang. Apparently the sterilizing machine has broken. The engineer had been working on it all day but no joy.

It has taken me several hours to come 'back to earth' - I didn't realise how stressed out and 'in the zone' I was.

Great that I can eat today but I have to repeat all this in 2 weeks time.

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Oh p**! Don't let it stress you. It's out of your control so let it stay there...out of your thoughts too.

Enjoy the next two weeks :-)

Thanks :)

I had just got the the point of accepting that my dinner would be a couple of Maynards wine gums and an ice lolly:)

I feel for you I had mine cancelled three times before I actually went and now I've had my follow up appt to see specialist cancelled and been given a new date. I ended up having to do my bowl prep on the night before and was up till two in the morning and when I got hospital my 10:30 appt ended up at 12:30 so you have my full sympathy not nice good luck

Maybe try some hypnotherapy to reduce your stress levels/increase your coping skills. You should be able to find some free downloads on line.

I totally understand your stress and upset, but trust me if the sterilising machine was broken, you're very glad they cancelled your apt!! It sucks but a lot o routine ops do get cancelled because an emergency presents itself and if you think of it as a positive, if god forbid you were ever an emergency case you would get priority as well! Apt times are hardly ever accurate as the Drs who do these procedures are never 100% sure what they are going to see until they are in the bowel and sometimes they need to spend much longer being thorough and exploring more than they initially thought and taking more biopsies than they thought. So although it totally sucks that this has happened to you, remember that it has probably happened because they are working on something life threatening or something very complicated and it's definitely not what they want to do, cancelling patients, bit sometimes it's the only option unfortunately!

Be glad it didn't happen after the big push started :D I had to take the nasty goop fast for 48 hours because I also have PD . And my colonoscopy took twice as long as normal. Good luck!!!

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