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I want to get a clear answer that can IBS -D be cured ever? what is the problem if I take S.Boulardi PROBIOTICS ? Is it helpful or worsen my symtomps by by affecting as SIBO? shall I take Refaximin Antibiotics before starting that probiotics ? will this harm me in long term as antibiotics always does. I have come to conclusion to end up my IBS? As I studied internet, I found I must do this two things to get cured. Now, please suggest me correct idea and also the clear dosage of those medicine. Don't refer doctors. This people of my country are no way helpful. I liked your conversation ,that's why asing for a help......


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I've suffered ibs -D for 41 years and have tried just about everything to no avail. Mine is due to anxiety/stress not food related. I take Buscopan and immodium twice a day which certainly stops the D. I have just read Tumeric helps so I've just started taking these twice a day. My g.p has been honest enough to tell me that my ibs is too deep rooted and doubts if I'll ever be cured but just try and live my life around it. It's a very annoying illness as I don't feel nervous but the bowels don't know that. Mental health issue.

I wish you luck in your own ibs issue. I tried probiotics but didn't have any relief.


Cures... I don't know. However i had many years (about 25) after my first episode with no symptoms. I fully expect the same to happen again.


i have just gone to the gastroenterologist. he thinks i might have ibs. he prescribed an antibiotic, and a probiotic. he told me i had to stay on the probiotic forever but i didn't have to take the antibiotic. he says i will have ibs always. that's what i've been told. not much different from what you've been told.


If there is a "cure" my doctor here in Britain isn't aware of it.


I take Optibac S Boulardii and Healthspan Super20pro for diverticula problems. S Boulardii is recommended for IBS-D you might find this article helpful, or contact the Optibac staff with your question. I find them very helpful.



Hi Manuel 69 The only advice I could offer, which has worked for me

(Most of the time), You must eat food which firms up your stool, this is

high fibre foods such as potato, oats in particular are very good. You

must look on line for a list of foods which will help. Brown wholemeal

bread is another good food that should help. you must learn to adjust

as necessary. Nothing is going to make things perfect but they can certainly be made better. I take 1 immodium per day and make sure

that my digestive system is working before taking anymore. You must

adjust your dose as necessary. The same also applies to the high fibre

diet. Good luck.


I take probiotic from holland and barret and aloe from simply health and mebervine from doc going to try and wean myself off prescription meds and go herbal


No Manuel,There is no cure for IBS. There are only a few precautions you can do to hep yourself. Stress is a problem,you could try the Fodmap diet that's helped a few people but not me,exercise helps,and if your IBS--D you need a low fibre diet, all white food like white bread.

But I've suffered IBS now for 12-13yrs it's changed in that time but certainly not healed

If anyone tells you it gets better send me there secret,I've tried everything.


Sadly no cure right now but there are things you can do to take control. If yours is triggered by food then the fodmap diet is worth a try. If your trigger is stress and anxiety then seek counselling. People tend to ignore the fact that IBS is more commonly triggered by stress and don't seek out help for this trigger. Symptoms can be well managed but you have to be willing to make the changes.

good luck.


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