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Which probiotic is compatible with low FODMAPs?


Hello all,

I have IBS-C and I feel that probiotics are really helping me. Could anyone recommend one that is compatible with the low FODMAP diet? Some contain apple for example..

Any tips would be helpful! Also where I can buy them.

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for bringing this up too Anna. I've also been told to try these and I'm not sure where to start!


I did low FODMAPs for IBS-C on my own for 2 months and while pain went away, constipation did not improve!!!!

I started reintroducing foods and had a bad attack. I also have PD so it's complicated!

My health food store carries probiotics that are dairy free. The ones in Activia are too stimulating and cause me pain. I have to look up specifically which probiotic to avoid. Otherwise, very advisable!

I've just started on this as recommended by a consultant for possible Bacterial Dysbiosis. Has ANYONE been able to get it on prescription?

Actually - that's not quite right. It is prescribable and is in MIMS. My gastro consultant says he can't prescribe it because it is only for pouchitis - even though the doctor he sent me to see in London has recommended it! If it ends up helping then I'll be pursuing this issue. In my case some deficiencies have show up in tests.

By coincide I've just watched "The truth about food" documentary on youtube. This was conducted by scientists and shown on BBC. Interestingly they compared the production of "good" bacteria comparing a probiotic yoghurt a day to a diet including bananas, artichokes and dandylion leaves. The diet came out on top! 2 of these are low FODMAPS so I'm going to introduce these. Worth a try as could make it a lot cheaper than buying a probiotic supplement

How long have you been taking it?

How long before you noticed a difference?

Did you have any side effects?

Thanks all for your answers! I also did some research myself and found this online


It is on the blog by Patsy Catsos, so I trust the info there. I got "Chewable Acidophilus" at Holland and Batter (house brand), which at the moment is on penny sale (so you get a second one for one penny!). It has no wheat, no gluten, no lactose so seems safe on the low FODMAP diet. I find it difficult to know what is really helping me, but I have the feeling that probiotics calm my bowl.

For constipation im taking Movicol (active ingredient is Macrogol 3350) and this is amazing. For me it works the next day already, and if I forgot one day I also notice. In the UK you can buy it over the counter but if you are taking it for longer you might want to talk it through with a GP.

Hope this is helpful. Ill keep you posted about the Probiotics im taking and whether it helps.

All the best to you all,


Hi Annamargarita,

I know this is an old post but I came across it trying to check if movicol is low fodmap. I’m on reintroduction stage of diet and have been advised by gastro to restart laxatives . If you can advise that would be great .

I have had great success on the FODMAP diet while taking Align. I'm in Canada so I'm not sure how readily available the product is in the UK but it's helped me a lot.

I would love to know the answer to this question too! I also have IBS-C. It is absolutely miserable when I have an attack. My last one was right after I had Strep and was on Amoxicillin for 10 days. The pain was almost unbearable. It went clear through to my back and lasted for almost 3 weeks. I tried taking a probiotic to replace the bacteria the Amoxicillin killed, but it just made me feel worse!

I had a dreadful flare up IBS D after being on antibiotics for a UTI and diverticulitis put on Symprove probiotic by my GI and after a week or so began to see improvement. It has been a lifesaver to me I can plan to go out days ahead for the first time in years it has really sorted out my bowel it's expensive but for me has been worth every penny.

I have been taking activa yoghurt containing bifidobacterium and I read some where that an ibs dr recommends bifidobacterium feel bit better after taking it for 4 days am in australia I am also on low fodmap diet

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