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Very loopy redundant sigmoid


Had a colonoscopy and endoscopy yesterday plus a small bowel MRI 2 weeks ago. I'm clear for IBD thank goodness and only comments on my discharge letter were very loopy redundant sigmoid. Gastro had a heck of a job with the colonoscopy. He said both procedures would take 45 mins in total but ended up being an hour and a quarter. At one point the nurse was pushing hard on my stomach to try to help gastro get the camera round the bends. It got a bit painful at one point and I asked if it was the air that was giving me the pains and he said no it's very loopy and the pain is me stretching the bowel wall trying to progress further.

So, the clear for IBD leaves me with the IBS diagnosis but I've obviously googled the loopy bowel and see that on various forums it's discussed as causing IBS type symptoms and some people have had surgery to remove the extra bit of bowel and found their symptoms disappeared.

Anyone else got any thoughts? I'm not saying I'd ask to undergo surgery that wasnt really required, I'd just like to know if this could be causing my issues and I'll just have to put up with it or if something can be done.

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When i had my colonoscopy for suspected colitis i was told i had loopy colon, plus ibs but that loopy can cause ibs symptoms.

My gastro told me to try to eat easy digestable foods so that it goes through colon easy and always drink all way through eating so it flushes food through and keeps food wet.

I read up and decided to give up red meat, gluten, yeasty things and bread pastries. All things that block colon.

Since i done all this i have been fine. If u have a loopy colon it has to work harder! So u have to make it easier for it.

I also take stool softeners to keep poo soft.

Plus probiotics,digestive enzymes and peppermint capsules

jnmmum in reply to Lulububs

Hey thank you for replying. I suffered constipation from birth, lots of colicky pain as a kid, but from age 18 this became diarrhoea day and night, multiple times. I wonder if the diarrhoea is actually just in response to some back up? Sometimes I do get pain in left lower side and may have to sit for a while before anything comes out. This can be something solid followed by a whole lot of not at all solid!

I'll look into the easily digestible foods - may help and certainly can't harm!!

Lulububs in reply to jnmmum

U sound exactly like me... i have had constipation problems since baby my mum said i could never poop!

Then ive been like it ever since , so bad that i ended up in a&e with backup that was a great experience and the pain!!!

In lower left hand side like i was being stabbed ...for hour and hours!!

I eventually let go of my 4 days worth of poop lol( u gota laugh) and decided that was it the shame of laying in hosp with nurses and dr goin “ u been yet”!!!

It Was so embarrassing i will never do it again.

The constantly drinking is good idea plus ask ur gp for a stool softener.

Then take the probiotics as it helps u go and give u good gut bacteria.

The red meat is a well known clogger upper lol. Plus anything high carb ie pasta potatoes doughy things! Breads pastry!

It all about keeping the colon unclogged and easily digesting food.

Now i actually understand it i actually have no pain. I go to toilet everyday!!!! It a miracle

jnmmum in reply to Lulububs

Man, all my fave foods - bread, pasta, cake, cake, cake!! The weird thing is that I have another condition and was put on naproxen and omeprazole and the diarrhoea stopped overnight. I've now started anti tnf meds so I should be stopping the naproxen and omeprazole in the future so pushed for a gastro referral as didn't want to go back to the constant diarrhoea! And not sure how these meds would stop the issues from a loopy bowel! It's mind boggling. And bowel boggling :)

Lulububs in reply to jnmmum

Well i was on naproxen and cocodamol and it made me worse coz i got Really really constipated and i couldnt poop!

So mayb as someone that has diarrhoea it would stop it ?

Have u tried immodium?

If u upset belly.

See with me i have to keep it soft and watery as if it hard and constipated it cant flow round loop it blocks it...

So im constantly taking stool

Softeners and laxatives and 2.5 litres of water a day.

I cannot eat bread or anything like that it clogs my colon up, i can actually feel it blocking the pain is horrendous

jnmmum in reply to Lulububs

I've seen on other forums that people got constipated on naproxen altho my gastro reckons not - should make you the other way he says... Will be talking to him about this at my follow up appointment. I've taken immodium when I've had to go somewhere and needed it all to stop, but tbh, generally stopped making plans as the constant diarrhoea made me knackered and anxious. It's a laugh a minute isn't it?

Lulububs in reply to jnmmum

Yeh it fantastic!

If im not bunged up im the opposite!

I have got alot better though and i can go along time without pain now and by keeping myself regular im ok but sometimes i go the other way and eat something that my body does not like and that it im on toilet all day but to tell truth i would take that everyday over constipation.

Getting it all stuck in ur loopy colon is by far the most painful thing ive ever experiencd and ive had alot of health problems

Snowy13 in reply to Lulububs

I had a laparoscopy in June for Endometriosis and they found my colon was extremely enlarged and loopy around my left lower side. I'm due to see gastrointestinal team soon for further tests as I suffer from awful constipation, pain and bloating. I don't eat gluten, limited dairy and have never eaten meat, I drink endless amounts of water and take lots of peppermint and magnesium. So interesting to hear you have both also struggled since being babies, I am the same. I take 8 laxido/movicol sachets and do suppositories every other day for minimal movement, I also have to ensure my poop is v soft - if it bulks up and becomes hard it just gets totally stuck and as I'm slim you can see lumps in my tummy which is so gross!! If surgery is my last resort I will take it, the pain and bloating and full feeling ruin my life, would love to hear from someone whose had it.

Lulububs in reply to Snowy13

Snowy13, it a absolute nightmare!

It a constant battle to make sure i eaten right and drunk enough and took enough supplement and laxatives.

I have got alot better since i have managed the poop related problem but i also get pain if i have trapped wind as it seems to get stuck and wont come out ?

jnmmum in reply to Lulububs

It's just not really understood if you don't experience it yourself. As I said to my gastro, yes I get anxious, but wouldn't you if you have to very urgently go to the loo at literally any time? What about if you are on the motorway and 50 miles between services?! To be one of those people who tell me "I can eat anything, never have any problems!" Lucky you!!

Lulububs in reply to jnmmum

Yeh my social life is pretty non existent aless we go to people houses or nandos ( lol plain chicken).

My meals are bland and boring and i darent eat anything hot or spicey!

Today im constipated !!

Which means i got pain in lower left colon area and pains up bum which is always nice!

Yesterday was on toilet most of morning with upset stomach? I never know what im gona get.

It has got alot better though, i can go weeks with no prob whatsoever now whereas it was everyday!

So the changing my diet has helped me massively.

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