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We all know that IBS is a complex beast and what works for one doesn't work for another but I thought I would post some info that may be of value.

My IBS has been under much better control over the last 18 months or so and I think I put this down to advice I took from this book:

Professor John Hunter (2007) 'Irritable Bowel Solutions' Vermilion Press

The author describes different types of IBS symptoms and suggests approaches linked specifically to these different types. It explained certain things to me and, following advice for the type the author suggests I have, things have improved.

I can't say it is entirely down to this. Life is somewhat less stressful now and I had also used Michael Mahoney's IBS Audio Program 100 (gut specific hypnotherapy CDs). The hypnotherapy CDs were very pleasant and may have had a supportive and cumulative effect but I strongly recommend the book.

I should say I have nothing whatever to do with the book or its author in case this is thought to be an advert!!

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  • John Hunter's is the best IBS book I have ever read.

  • Agreed

  • I've misse something being new here. What book??

  • Read the last line of the 2nd paragraph by the poster.... it's right there! :)

    Don't feel badly...I can totally miss things, too!

  • This is a very good book. It was actually recommended to me by my Consultant Gastroenterologist who is very tuned in!

  • Hi

    My local library has this book so I'll give it a try.


  • Hi George, I've mentioned helpful things on here before myself and mentioned brand names so don't feel like you are advertising for beneficial reasons i.e. endorsing your own company. I'm really pleased I came across your post as it's a book I am now going to purchase. There are many things out there that specifically target certain areas of IBS so thank you :)

  • Hi George47, I read your post with interest. I have the book you mentioned, and the author is very positive. I have had IBS-C for many years, which I believe is caused by life long anxiety. As you can imagine I have tried so many different approaches to feel better ( medicines, therapies, meditation, diet etc ) nothing eases the constipation.

    Please could you tell me if the audio CD's you mention are suitable for IBS-C, and if you have to listen to them every day? I am pleased you are feeling better, and your post offers hope, that we all can feel better.

  • Hi

    Michael Mahoney's audio CD is a one hundred day programme- about 30 minutes a day. He considers it suitable for all types of IBS.


  • Hi George47 thank you for your reply. I am going to look more into the CDs, I do try and fit in meditation most days, but some times I find it difficult to fit it in.

  • Fitting time in- always a problem but I have found that the human mind, mine anyway, is good at finding excuses!

  • Thanks for recommending Professor John Hunter's book.

    It was so much clearer than anything I had read before, and I found the emphasis on different types of treatment for different types of IBS really helpful. I am trying one of his approaches today - a clear out, followed by bulk laxatives thereafter, so fingers crossed !

  • Thankyou so much for recommending this book. I was very fed up as I felt I had tried everything for my IBS but after reading the book I now feel I have more options. I`ve now made a doctor`s appointment and will be taking the book with me!

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