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IBS-D For years - Imodium


Hey everyone I recently joined this forum in search of answers to what I have. I have not seen a provider yet to determine my diagnosis but from what I read I have IBS-D. Has anyone taken Imodium for an extended period of time? I have been taking it for a few weeks and it has helped with diarrhea, which I was having everyday. Now that I am 44 it seems dealing with IBS is more sever and a pain than when I was younger. Thanks for the help.

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Hello, ive seen that imodiom can be taken whenever needed, best to check that with GP. Have you been offered to try the low fodmap diet? It stopped my ibs D within 2 weeks and ever since last year :) x

Stimulant in reply to asbayford

Yea my wife told me about the fodmap diet. I have an app that I use to look up foods. Thanks

It's never best to assume that you have a specific illness. There are tests the GP can provide to diagnose IBS which include a stool sample and blood test:


If you get an IBS diagnosis check back here since there is much that can be done to help.

My Gastro said that I could take Imodium long term but I had just had a colonoscopy to confirm nothing else was wrong, you have not. It is not a good idea to self diagnose, suggest you see your GP

Thanks for the replies. I will get in to see a doctor once all this craziness with Covid slows down.

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