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Hi. I'm 55 and have had IBS since at least the age of 17 but not diagnosed till almost 30. Symptoms have become so frequent recently that I am on mebeverine permanently. I have recently had two bad experiences after taking senna tablets, even one. I also have ME and take Citalopram for a pre-existing anxiety/depression condition and a low dose of progesterone for post-menopausal symptoms. Grateful for any advice on things which have helped you.

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  • Hi, have you tried the low FODMAP diet? It is drug-free and seems effective in 70% of cases but is quite new to the NHS. It is no silver bullet but it made a big difference to me. It was developed by an Oz Uni so it is reputable.

  • No. How do you mean 'New to the NHS?' Do I need to be referred to a gastro-enterologist?

  • I mean that the low FODMAP diet is well established in Australia but it is relatively new in the UK. This means that a lot of GPs and dieticians don't yet appear to be trained and that there seems to be a waiting list to see staff that have been trained. My GP knew about the diet but hadn't yet been trained hence I was referred to a FODMAP trained dietician, not a gastro-enterologist.

  • In that case I won't bother.

  • Hi, Just google Fodmap Diet. You will have a few to choose from,but the one from Australia where it was first developed is .

    The Monach university and they do an app.

    I have tried it and I'm afraid I was one of the 30% it didn't work for.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks. I have ME so I can't cope with having to work out complicated diet plans.

  • It's worth checking out the websites and the foods they list even if you don't do the diet. If you keep track of what you eat and your symptoms you may find a pattern. The FODMAPs list can give you an idea of what foods to pay special attention to.

  • Hi fodmap isn't that difficult to follow.jyst need to shop around a bit to get some foods.mistly its about not eating a lot of well known foods.worth a try an not expensive.helped me a bit.any long term use of antidepressants usually make anxiety depression worse. Usa drug lobby very strong.they yes on fit 25yr olds and then get doctors to ptrdcibe for ill people of any age! A scandal really but doctors have little else to offer as mental health support is very poor in UK.

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