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Hi, I have been suffering with back pain since January, and was recently admitted to hospital with rectal bleeding and severe abdomen pain. I had a sigmoidoscopy and an MRI and both were fine. I was then discharged from hospital with no diagnosis. I feel dreadful after dinner and have to lie down for half an hour, I am tired, my stools have changed, I have no energy and have problems going for a wee. I have also been having problems getting an erection and have breathlessness. Drs keep saying its anxiety but I feel it could be IBS as I have noticed my symptoms are worse are after eating certain foods. Does anyone have any advice on how to get a diagnosis? I have never felt so poorly and just want to get back to normal. Thank you.

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I agree that you should go back to your doctor. If you're still feeling ill, then your doctor should be investigating further as to the cause. Are you still bleeding? IBS doesn't cause rectal bleeding, so this needs checking out. If your illness is caused by stress and anxiety, I would hope that your doctor would be able to help you with this. I hope you're soon feeling much better.


Go back to your doctor and insist on further investigation and referral to a gastro consultant . IBS type symptoms can effect the bladder and urination as the result of abdominal muscle spasms.Anxiety is a well known IBS trigger but there could be other issues as well effecting your digestive and urinary systems .the connection between eating and symptoms seems a pretty good place to start to identify triggers .


Thank you all for your comments. I had the rectal bleeding once and the sigmoidoscopy showed that part of my bowel was fine. Because I have a range of symptoms Drs keep saying its stress and will not listen. I have such awful discomfort when I sit and my bottom feels really sore. I also get breathless when I walk or do anything physical, I cut the lawns the other day and felt dreadful afterwards. I am really struggling to get anyone to listen to me.


It never hurts to address the stress--counselling, life style change, hang in there, they will listen.


The only way to get a diagnosis is from a specialist consultant and your GP should refer you to have as many tests as possible to rule in/out any number of bowel conditions.

If necessary you should ask for a second opinion


Swan 29 - wow you're really having a tough time. You need help. If an illness is limiting your everyday life, like cutting the lawn, then its significant. As for depression and anxiety - people with severe symptoms of those wouldn't have even noticed the lawn, or if they did wouldn't have been able to get their act together long enough to cut it!!!

You need to go back to your GP and get a second opinion. Your stress and anxiety may well be making you worse (its a massive part of my personal IBS) but you need to break the cycle somewhere, so get the stress, depression, anxiety treated at the same time as insisting on being seen by a specialist for your bowel problems.

As for your other problem - with erection - this is a horrid problem that makes you feel even worse. It also needs to be included in your list of symptoms you insist on getting treatment for. This one could be caused a medication your taking for something maybe? It still deserves the same investigation as everything else.

Don't let the GP brush off your concerns.

If you make sure you tell the receptionist on duty when you book your appointment, that you have a list of concerns that you need to talk to your GP about, she may book you a double appointment.

I hope you get the help you so desperately need and deserve soon.

Good Luck



Dear Swan.............in my opinion rectal bleeding has nothing to do with IBS go back to your GP and demand more tests. As for your erection problems and not being able to pass urine I cannot comment but I hope the many male friends on this site will be able to help you. Wish you well and do get back to us and let us know how you are faring.


Thank you everyone for your comments. I have started taking peppermint oil today to see if it helps. I have an appointment at the hospital to see a consultant so hoping to get some answers there. I have awful stomach bloating and wind today, oh joy! Lets hope the peppermint helps. Has anyone else tried this?


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