Dumping syndrome

After my ct scan ,endoscopy and colonoscopy for intense stomach burn ,I was given laxatives and it did stop burn. Now symptoms have changed and been told I have something calleD diabetic dumping syndrome where your stomach does not digest food and dumps it into your small intestine in one go.strange though I have no symptoms after breakfast and lunch then after 2 hrs of dinner I feel like someone has my torso in a vice all my muscles tense and I'm in and out bathroom for seeing about 20times. Then 3hrs later it's like someone throws a switch and my muscles relax saliva comes back to normal and it's as if nothing had happened although it does bugger up your sugar readings. Anyone else have these symptoms be glad of advice doctors useless just sending me on diabetic food course.thanks in advance for any advice

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  • Hi, My sister had dumping Syndrome after an Opperation for Ulcers.

    She found she could only eat little and often,and she also lost a lot of weight.

    But on the whole it didn't have a great effect on her.

  • So she did not have the feeling of being in straight jacket at nite and how did she overcome it and become well I am 63 years old diabetic the old op I had was removal of gall bladder 12 years ago. Any advice to relieve this would be welcome thanks

  • My sister was also 63yrs old,the Opp she had was a really big Opperation because she was a heavy smoker and she also had Emphesema. She was a really strong woman and she just learned to live with it all. I think just seeing how thin she was upset me.

    I myself had Gall bladder out 12yrs ago, and I've had chronic IBS ever since,but he ho all part of life we have to bear.

  • So sorry to learn of your problem and thanks for posting although I spoke to my doc today about what is going on because she only assumed it was dumping syndrome going to have more blood tests. Hope you recover from its soon and by the way my gi specilist advises digestive enzyme replacement which I take natures best and until this problem arose did not suffer gall bladder removal problems

  • Where do you get that from,and what does it do,break down the bile?

  • They suspect mine is caused by my diabetes and it is where your stomach dumps your food all at once in small bowel instead of gradually so u have to eat little and often .however following on from that she is not sure and I personally suspect my diabetic Medes but going for more blood tests on Monday see how I get on.incidentally if you have not enough bile usually from no gall bladder take digestive enzymes good luck

  • Cazbob21, What are digestive Enzymes.?

    I have to take Lanzoprazole because I have to take Asprin. And I do know your supposed to have some bile,so I get worried that taking Lanzoprazole may help with taking Aspirin but it may be taking away all my bile,which in turn could help towards my IBS. It's like going round in circles.

  • Digestive enzymes come from the pancreas and help breakdown food. If you have no gall bladder or your body is not producing enough you can buy supplements. But be sure to get high grade ones like natures best or you will waste your money look it up on your iPad or cumputer just puts digestive enzymes in search box and u can learn all about it good luck

  • I have had positive results from every brand of enzyme I have tried. Even the one on the supermarket . I don't think the cheaper ones are a waste of money, you just may need to take more of them with your meals.

  • Hi there my son is insulin dependant and past 2 years has been admitted into hospital 3 times due to this! His stomach stores food for days and causes him a blockage and he starts being sick. with this it also effects his insulin intake and he is often put on a drip and insulin pump. He had the endoscopy which showed undigested food still in his stomach. But apart from treatment at the time he's been given movicol and lanzaprosole . They have told him it's down to damage in his stomach due to being diabetic .

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