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Vomiting with IBS

I have suffered badly for almost 20yrs with IBS and have every symptom,Ive had barium enima xray, abdominal scan,2,colonoscopies.and they all show Diverticular disease ,and I was told IBS,I have symptoms of one thing or other every day but the worst one is the vomiting bouts, I get these regular ,start of with abdominal cramps that get worse until im doubled up with pain and feel I need to use toilet but instead I keep vomiting with pain then diarhea starts,I read about SIBO and thought maybe I have that,I have just finished a course of Rifaximin and really hoped that would help I felt fine whilst taking it and finished the course 4days ago,I was feeling really optomistic but then again today Ive had a terrible attack of the cramps, vomiting and everything else that goes with it.Does anyone else get vomiting with IBS/Diverticular?and has anyone had expierience with Rifaximin helping? Thanks.

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Hi Cassie. my son went through a long bout of being sick. he would be sick for hours not just once. the consultant was useless, although we did get sent for endoscopy which showed a small hietus hernia, we never got the answer as to which way round it was, did the hernia cause the vomiting or the vomiting cause the hernia.

we have now come through it and I am putting it down to caffine (I am ashamed to say he drank a lot of those high caffine drinks) he now doesn't drink any and it seems to have stopped.

It could be that you have developed an insensitivity for something and your body is trying to reject it.

I know this doesn't help much but you are not alone. Keep posting.


ive just watched this and thought it may help you.


its interesting if nothing else.


Thank you,I will have a look x


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