IBS and Stress

I suffer with both diverticular disease and IBS I have just finished a course of anti biotics for my diverticular and when they were almost done my IBS kicked in

Lucky me

I am now going through the usual cramps,wind,diareoha and constipation alternately I am taking Colofac and paracetamol

A hot water bottle or a warm bath help but otherwise I'm pretty stumped has any one any suggestions?

And what do you eat during a flare up some sites recommend a bland diet and others not

Most of my IBS is stress related and I control it well most of the time and strange as it may seem my symptoms usually start when the stress is over or solved

We are all in the same painful boat so has any one any ideas that I've not tried?

Thanks xx

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  • Bananas, coconut oil and probiotics work for me.

  • I have used probiotics with some success thanks for the reminder,but coconut oil is somsething I will have to try it seems to be good for everything.How go you take it?and how much? Thanks for taking the time to reply I do appreciate it

  • I take coconut oil 1-2 times per day, a table spoon at a time or you can even take it in tea or coffee, if you don't like the taste you can get ktc coconut oil which has no flavour. If i do get a flare up I eat a banana and it usually does the job. The coconut oil is supposed to help get rid of the bad bacteria in the gut and the probiotics add good bacteria. I take 2 probiotics every day.

    You are welcome, don't be afraid to contact me at any time. ☺

  • You can use it in your cooking....I do most of my frying in coconut oil - except eggs, that doesn't seem to work.

  • Hi Sally (not SillySally) if it works for you and you are comfortable with the result of using coconut oil it is a step in the right direction for you "GO FOR IT") I have a saying it is Give the cat another goldfish and damn the expense. Most of all be happy


  • Thanks Chadd it looks like you have the right mindset for life

    I live with a lot of stress and that is a big part of my IBS problem

    I am going to buy some coconut oil next time I'm out and try it

    I also suffer from insomnia and it's supposed to help that so maybe two birds with one stone..

  • Hi yes its the antibiotics that have started the IBS this time-tey do your guts-in !

    GO back to GP and they should give you some tablets to stop what antbiotics have done.

    If i have antibiotics GP gives me something for candida too and to stop my stomach being upset

    Very Best Wishes

  • Thankyou for taking the time to reply

    That's the trouble you take a tablet for one thing and it sets something else of fits a bit of a viscious circle really

  • Agreed.

  • A course of probiotics (from your pharmacist) is often recommended after antibiotics to help rebalance your gut bacteria. There are also foods that are natural probiotics, but they are often the same ones that are not well tolerated with IBS.

    Hope you feel better,


  • What if you are a vegan? Are there milk free probiotics?

  • This is a good question - for your pharmacist. I can't see any reason why all probiotics would be milk based.

    You could find water-based Kefir useful.

  • Hi SillySally, I have a question for you it is, is why do you call yourself SillySally is this a label that you have given yourself or have others given you the label?

    Regarding my what I eat during an attack, I have made some changes to my diet, but I still eat what I want when I want to I just eat sensibly and do not eat more than I need, I am the type of person who has learnt to accept things that I cannot change and change those I cannot or am prepared to accept, I still have sugar on my cereals and still have fried eggs I just take in more fruit and high fibre cereals, white meat instead of red, soya milk instead of pasteurized milk, Almond flavoured milk on my cereals Tis changes have made a difference to me and the pains have not been so severe and I have been sleeping better, but IO still have some disturbed nights they are nowhere near what they used to be.

    At the end of the day we all have to do what we feel is right for ourselves in accordance to be happy with ourselves and have a good quality of life. Our own health and well being can be affected by what we do as well as what don't do. each of us just have to be ourselves and not what other people expect us to be, if a person is a true friend they will except you as you are and help and support you through good times and bad.


  • Thank you for your reply

    sillysally only because Sally was already taken when I registered with the site so it just came off the top of my head

    You are right about people accepting you for who you are we all find our supporters when are backs are against the wall don't we ?

    I know my IBS is triggered mainly by stress as I have a lot in my life there are some foods that I cannot tolerate so I avoid them

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer me and give some helpful advice

    It's just nice to know people care

  • Hello Sally, I take Imodium when I get a bad case of D (my IBS is the mixed variety), at least it helps me get through the day and if I need to be out of home. It doesn't always eliminate the cramps and pain (even using "Plus" variety), but then again I am used to nothing ever working so it provides a bit of relief.

    I cannot have a high fibre diet (even during episodes of constipation) as this has the opposite effect of helping and is conductive to more severe abdominal pain & cramps. So instead, I try to eat soothing fruits & vegetables (papaya, pineapple banana, cucumber & parsley mostly in home made smoothies) and other times I just can't really eat but, still ensure I drink lots of fluids to keep hydrated. As for Paracetamol I'd be really surprised if it works, though everyone is different. I also get worse effects post-stressful situations, it's quite normal in some people. My current daily life: 80% of the time I have to go straight to bed due to the excruciating pain and out of pure exhaustion, cancel all my social engagements and have had to leave work earlier than usual or not be able to go at all.

    It is an endless battle and my only 2 allies are a good sense of humour and persistence/will-power. Bets of luck and keep fighting!

  • Thanks so much for your helpful reply it surely is a dreadful disease and especially when it's both diverticular and IBS

    And as you say it's life changing I have had to cancel many outings and visits as I was too afraid to venture from the house for fear my bowel wold let me down

    I am the same as you then after the stress has passed the bowel decides to play up..

    And it is easier said than done to try and avoid stressful situations to be honest I can't get away from them as my husband and I don't get on and he moans and gripes all the time .....so stress and me are big buddies hahahahaha

  • Hi yes stress defiantly makes my ibs worse and I'm quite stressed at the moment also when I have a flare up I barely eat anything

  • It will help you to have a total understanding of what diverticular disease is and what causes it. You can read a description written by a consultant surgeon who used to operate for the condition. Go to: healthscams.org.uk/divertic... I think you will also find that understanding it will help you to manage it. The antibiotics will have been to treat diverticulitis which was an infection. However, read what the surgeon says as I'm sure it will help you. Best wishes, Tibbly

  • Thankyou for the information and taking the time to respond

  • Hi I would recommend probiotics. I take them in capsule form, one a day. And rest and chill when you can. I just eat normal food, slightly on bland side. And keep Imodium with you at all times. Drink lots of water.

  • Thankyou for the information

    I'm not a great one for drinking water Especially when I'm out and about as it makes me pee but while I'm indoors I could certainly up my intake.

    I've had such a lot of super advice on this post I have lots of new things to try ..

  • I am using gastrointestinal adsorbent in sachets , this is the only thing I carry in my handbag to fight with IBS.

  • Thanks for your reply to my post I've not heard of gastrointestinal absorbent so I'm going to Google it .

  • Sorry for the late reply. Just showed up in my feed today.

    Make sure the coconut oil you use is organic extra virgin...otherwise it's been refined so much all the good stuff has been removed.

    Imodium is good, but not too much as it'll create the other problem, which is even worse in my opinion, especially if you pile in food.

    Gelatin, taken plain, has helped calm my IBS tremendously. Can be taken twice a day but I found one packet/1 tablespoon works for me.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Thankyou for your reply and helpful advice

  • Maybe it's hormones related? I wonder if the condition of the stomach sends messages to the brain and, like with a 'pain arc' creates a kind of 'hello brain, I am meant to be having IBS but it isn't there. Can you sort it out for me brain?' so the brain sends a message to the bowels and they start to react to the self-induced 'stress' symptoms?

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