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I am new to this site. I am 29 and have suffered with IBS for 13 years.

My symptoms vary from constipation to diarrhea and unable to leave the bathroom for up to an hour and makes me feel nauseas. I also get bouts of abdo pain and distension.

I find i can be okay for a while and then i find i have a really bad day to remind me that the IBS is in control not me.

I am in need of support from people who understand how it feels and any advice of it not taking over my life.

As i have found that i plan my days knowing where toilets are or suitable places to eat food.

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Has your GP been any help? Mine referred me to a dietitian and I've been put on the FODMAP diet which has helped a lot. Unfortunately, there aren't enough trained dieticians yet but it's worth looking at. There are a number of websites giving recipes and here's one of them alittlebityummy.com/ibs-fod... If you'd like any more information, just let me know


My GP prescribed me buscopan but it hasn't helped with stomach cramps and will reask about a dietitian referal. I will have a look at the recipes. Thanks


Monash university in Australia has done the research for FODMAPs and they have an app (costs about £4) which is very helpful when shopping. Otherwise the basics are preparing own food (ready meals have too many high FODMAP ingredients), avoiding onion, garlic, wheat and stoned fruit. That's probably a bit too simple an explanation but Monash have found that 85% of people with IBS have huge improvements following this. Good luck!


hi your symptoms are very similar to mine. see my replies to kath. msy be something iv listed will help. i have been so much better recently.perhaps once a week now as opposed to every other day. iv had ibs for 20+years so hoping now iv found the best way to manage it.

hope you soon feel better



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