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I have been suffering from ibs for 16 years now. I have been on medications and have had tests to find out what is going on. I now follow the low fodmap diet which really improved my syptoms. I know have had two big flare ups where i have had to take two days off work and have now missed a birthday bash because of my ibs. I find that i will get an attack where i will have diiarrhoea and tummy cramps. Then for a few days after i will have little appetite and feel really tired and just want to sleep. I also get a very bad headache which painkillers dont seem to touch. I then end up suffereing from bad heartburn and indgestion and a bubbly tummy. My attacks seem to be getting worse and seem to be lasting longer.

I have just been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ocd which i know can play a role in ibs but i seem to get attacks at any time even if i am relaxed. Work is stressful at the moment and i need to learn to relax better but i am not sure how. I am currently working with mind and my Local mental health team to deal with some long standing issues but hoping that someone on here maybe able to help with some advice. I just feel that every time i think i have cracked it and my ibs is under control that it flares up again.

Any help would be great.


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Its been the same for me for longer than I care to imagine. I have been diagnosed with depression, and have been on antidepressants in the past. When seeing the doctor about my condition, this is ALL they recommend. I am at my wits end. The NHS funds many stupid things, but no help with IBS.


you are not alone i feel exactly the same way you are describing , i lost my job due to so may missed days at work, i cant get unemployment because they say i have to ready able and willing to work, my last gastro would not put me on disability. I think drs need to recognize the seriousness of this problem its very serious and impacts are life , our jobs, our family lives. I hope you feel better soon i have been on many different meds that don't work. I have a new dr hope he can help me.


I have been on the Fodmap diet. I am now lactose free and gluten free. I have tried Psyllion Husk, various pills and potions. My doctor recently put me on Colestyramine powder, one per day which eventually worked after 2 weeks, then back to square one. I am the same as you, every time I think I have cracked it, it flares up again! I have difficulty relaxing and have taken up doing jigsaws. I also love meditation, I have been on quite a few courses and recently on a Mindfulness for Health course, it might be worth a bash. Good luck X


I have learned that after 25 years of suffering with IBS-d that there is no known cure and there will never be. Flare ups are going to happen and usually at the worst possible time with anxiety. I have learned to accept it as part of my life and love this forum for the support and understanding. Have your Dr prescribe Lomotil and see if that helps. It helps me and I have been on it for 20 years as needed. I put half a tab under my tongue and let it dissolve. I also have low dose Xanax that I cut or bite off a small amount to calm my screaming anxiety before I go out. There are times though that nothing is going to help and I take a whole Xanax and to hell with everyone around me. I CANT HELP IT!! Bad attitude i know, but it happens with this horrible problem. Just know you are not alone.

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Thanks everyone.

I'm still suffering today but managed to do half a day at work. My tummy is in pain but hoping things improve soon. I am taking colafac and an anitdepressant mainly for ibs.

I just want to say thank you for getting back to me.

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Hang in there Seashells. Its a bad flare up but should pass. I failed to mention I take Heathers Tummy Tamers. Its all natural and helps with upset tummy and pain.


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