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IBS without changes in bowel habits.


Does anyone have IBS without changes in bowel habits just the pain and wind. Have had a colonoscopy and was told it was all clear. Still have pain and wind and the GP said it could be diverculitis but surely this would have been mentioned by the first doctor who did the colonoscopy. Anyone any ideas. I am being sent to a dietician to try the Fodmap diet.

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I have had ibs for a year plus without any bowel problems I had pain wind and nausea to start with, pain and nausea have settled down somewhat but still got bad bloating although this may be exacerbated by acid reflux which I have now as well. I though that they detected diverticulitis from internal examinations as well. Dont foget that ibs is simply ad catch all term for undiagnosable digestive problems, so you dont have to have bowel problems although lots of people do.

Thanks Annie - will go to the dietician and see what they say. Will let you know how I get on. I do not have acid reflux so don't need to worry about that thank goodness.

Get tested for Sibo (small intestinal bacteria over growth) it causes alot of Ibs symptoms & goes undiagnosed in many


If you had a colonoscopy recently(I have) your consultant would have told you if diverticulosis was present(mine did) but for your GP to say you have diverticulitis(infection of) when your consultant said all was clear is a mystery perhaps you should ask your GP if you could look at the consultants report. Sorry to be so precise in my response but I want to ensure I give you correct information-good luck

I actually got a copy of the report given to me at the time and the GP has the same letter. That's why I am doubting this diagnosis. Will try this diet and see how I get on. I don't have this problem all the time as it comes and goes. I will keep everyone updated on how this diet works. Thanks Linley for taking the time out to answer my question.

I have been told I have IBS but not convinced no bowel symptoms pain is relentless 24/7 for past 6 months along with a lot of noise & rumbling. I haven't yet tried the fodmap diet although have cut back my diet dramatically no improvement. Good luck hope things settle down.

I am virtually the same I wake up in the morning with slight ache but sometimes get a bad episode when the pain is quite bad lots of grumbling and wind and swear I can hear the noise from my stomach at times. Will let you know what the dietician says. At the moment I am fine but then again you don't know when it will hit you again. Hope you get through this bad time. By the way I bought charcoal tablets and they have

Helped tremendously so it might be worth trying. Thanks for replying to my post.

i had same symptoms for 2 year on a daily basis,,had all the test but last one was lactose,i failed badly even though i had already reduced milk products in different ways ive seen a dietician,,and got guidelines any full fat is ok but keep away from soft cheeses anything low fat,cheddar cheese full milk are ok,no yogurt not so healthy for ibs people,i didnt realise all long life products have high lactose,can you believe its in sausages and many more products,,i did find onions react bad with me,,major thing is were all human in different way so whats ok with me may not be with you,,i thought fruits were ideal how wrong they were for me banana is ok and mandarin in syrup..i tend to get a cooked chick from,asdo with a stick of bread and mixed salad (bag) last me 3 days,and had a very good 3 months

fodmap diet is more for the overweight than ibs ,,my dietician frowned on it,,

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The FODMAP diet was definitely not created as a weight loss regime. It was originally developed at Monash Uni (Australia) for people with coeliac disease and was then found to be extremely effective for those with IBS.

All NHS dietitians (in England at least) are now trained to advise on it. Many of us on this site have been able to pinpoint our food triggers by doing it, it's probably the most successful regime out there.

Hi rap222

Very interesting comment about milk I only use skimmed long life milk and eat yoghurt daily. I have just had a glass of milk tonight and I will see how I am in the morning. Don't often drink milk but I had a coffee yesterday and woke up during the night with pains in my stomach. Will be interesting to see if this affects me. Will let you know. Thanks for the information.

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