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Potential IBS Warning Signs?

Hi All

New to the site. Been getting some troublesome symptoms recently and wanted to see what you thought. Maybe think back to when your IBS first started to appear, does this sound familiar? Am I looking at potential IBS?

Basically back in September 2017 I had a really spicy curry, the day afterwards I was on the toilet all day with diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Though nothing more of it other than maybe a dodgy takeaway. Fast forward to the first weekend in December 2017 and out of nowhere I woke up at night with bloating, gripes and diarrhoea. This lasted for 2 days before subsiding. It was all clear throughout the working week for 6 or 7 days. Then on the following weekend on the Sunday night I woke at night again with the same symptoms, worse this time so much so that I had to call in sick to work. This lasted approx 2 days again. Christmas came and all was normal with my bowels etc. I ate usual amounts of rubbish over Christmas and to excessive amounts but no sign of any symptoms. Continued to eat not the best over New Year and nothing of note. Then this weekend 6th January I've had a return of the symptoms as previously suffered. Cramps/gripes, solid stomach, diarrhoea and feeling of not emptying bowels completely. This time they have lasted 3 days but seem to be settling today slightly. I note that this time round the onset of the symptoms seemed more gradual rather than the sudden onset of previous times.

I do have a stressful job and I also have been taking PPI (Lansoprazole) for heartburn for the last 7 or 8 years. Could these symptoms be the start of IBS or warning signs that unless I change my diet IBS will kick in properly? What are your thoughts people?

I'm hesitant to go to the GP at the moment but if the symptoms occur again I feel I have no option. I am also going to look to introduce small dietary changes.

Thanks in advance for all your comments and thoughts!

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It’s possible, I get these symptoms too but I get constipated, I get more flare ups than I do good days and it’s horrible, I read somewhere stress doesn’t help the condition xx


I think it is best to see a gastroenterologist. They can diagnose IBS and offer helpful hints and possible solutions.


Hi there,

Well done for taking this seriously. It could well be IBS starting up. And if you take notice now, it could save you from having fully-blown IBS.

Improving the quality of what you it can only be beneficial. But do be aware that stress also takes it's toll. You might find this article of interest (I have recovered from IBS): sickofibs.com/well-being/ib...

What are you doing/feeling in your current life that doesn't suit who you are - but you are doing it anyway (probably for some? That is a major question to think about.

Hope this helps get you started.



I find it interesting that your symptoms seem to hit you at the weekend. You say that it was after a curry the first time, but you don’t mention what you ate the second and third times before the onset of the symptoms. Can you recall? If it was curry again both times, I would say that you have your answer.

All the best. Angus


Yes this sound exactly how mine started... about 4 years ago. Then it snowballed and i got worse very quick! Until i ended up in hosp.

It turned out i was gluten intolerant and cowsmilk and basically my body had got more and more intolerant the more i ate until it just gave me a reaction and i ended up in hosp.

As soon as stopped, changed milk to soya. No other dairy. Aless dairy free. Totally gluten free. My problems went...

I also found that onions,garlic , brocoli, cauliflower and brussels would start the pain.

I stopped eating all spicey foods( which was hard as i love a vindaloo) but once u have a gastro explain what all that stuff does to ur insides it puts u right off lol!!

Now i never have any pain whatsoever!

I also take peppermint oil capsule and a good probiotic just so have a healthy gut


A real faf i know, but try to religiously keep a food and symptom diary. It will hopefully give you at least some answers of what is potentially causing your flare ups. There are about 14 allergen foods which can cause this for many people- you will need to do a search for the actual ones.


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