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Fodmap help


I have had serve stomach pain for 2 years, lots of scans etc, now they suspect it's IBS. Previously I tried gulten free now I have been asked to try Fodmap.

When should I see a difference if any? I'm on week 3. I've stuck by the diet and check on the Nhs app if I can eat it. The only change is my weight lost 0.5 stones since started.

The reason I ask no change to the pain. So fed up with this.



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What helps me with my IBS is dieting..being super strict..

No gluten,lactose,soy,corn,eggs,no meat.

Drink ginger tea with honey - ground the ginger fine and put it in a tea decanter with a spoon ful of honey .. its really soothing..

Drink Rice milk with turmeric - this is really goog

Bone broth chicken soup is fantastic

Aloe Vera concentrate /put 5 tablespoons in your water.

An occasional horsetail tea

Take pollen once a day and propolis drops 3 times daily..

In terms of eating Im struggling ..mostly eating fruit,steamed vegetables,gluten and wheat free bread,odd bit of gluten free cereal,tried meats but made me feel desperate.Ive lost alot of weight but Im in much less pain.

This website has been invaluable / amymyersmd.com/

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Hi there, looking at foods on low fodmap I already ruled out quite a lot of the foods due to knowing already they are triggers. Just because it says it's okay doesn't mean it okay for everyone. Do a food diary to see what you've eaten in past 48 hrs that sets you off and remove from your diet and see how you go!! Ibs is really an individual thing - good luck!!

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You would normally expect a noticeable improvement in symptoms by 3 to 4 weeks. The low Fodmap diet doesn't work for everyone - it made no difference to me.


Hi. Stick with it. I noticed within 2weeks of cutting all out and sticking to low fodmap foods.

I'm reintroducing now with the help of a dietician.

I'm doing something from one of the groups most weeks. 3 days eating it. Then getting my system back to nothing again if I reacted.

It's taking months as there's so much to try. Wheat and gluten are ok for me. So I can eat them. Lactose is a no no. Bloated pain and needing the loo within the hour. There are so many divisions of food groups. Yes the app helps me when shopping.

So I'm ok with most fructans. Wheat. But not onions or garlic, tons of foods make up this group. Then there's sorbitol/ mannitol foods. GOS foods. Fructose. Lactose.

Look on kcl.ac.uk/fodmaps for their leaflet guide booklets.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the uk fodmap site, same as the FoodMaestro one i use, developed by KCL 👍🏻

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The FODMAP diet is Australian based and there a lot of foods on it that we can't suffer. Please try the FoodMaestro app, it's based on UK foodstuffs. I have noticed a remarkable difference since using it. Give it a go, 8 weeks of elimination and then reintroduce 1 food at a time. I have gone from IBS D all day long to practically a normal bowl movement in the 3 weeks I've been using it, I do have the odd mistake but my pain has gone from 100% to about 5% 😀


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