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C.B.T support/help

Hi again don't comment often but hit a sensitive snag that someone might have come across. How do people with I.b.s get through c.b.t sessions? I have a really intensive session coming up for a really sensitive subject that I can't reveal on here but it's stress related and wondered if anyone knew how to stop the I.b.s stop me feeling sick when having my sessions so I can get through them, any suggestions welcome!

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Hi Foxkennedy

My turn to reply to you now!

I don't know if this would help but what about being totally open with your CBT therapist about how your feeling and your fears about your IBS flaring up because of the sessions?


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I sadly have done as we hit a point where she was not listening, so I told her service and they told her. She sorted it but the underlying cause is still there and until I can say exactly what's wrong it will still really hurt, but thanks!


Have you asked to see a Counsellor as opposed to having CBT



Sorry your CBT therapist hasn't been the most sensitive. I too have had CBT for a serious issue, it was described to me as like an onion with lots of layers to work through. Given your ibs may well be stress related/reason for cbt, however uncomfortable it should be worth it long-term.

At the time of my cbt, I didn't have ibs to contend with, however an awful lot more memories and issues surfaced, I'm glad now and feel lucky to have had cbt, as my GP no longer offer it.

Wishing you well


Thankyou for your advice, I agree that c.b.t is really good, the route is now there and we're slowly addressing its impact on my life. It's extremely hard but never mind - that's the story of my life full stop!


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