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A few things

Hey guys. Getting really frustrated at the moment and I don't really know what to do in terms as which direction to push my doctors. Or whether to give up or not.

So I had a diagnostic lap. In October to diagnose endometriosis. Nothing was found. Okay. So I continue to get awful periods and pain, and vomitting when I come on. And in on every 2-3 weeks. Very irregular and draining. I got the mirena fitted a month ago. And I'm still bleeding - except the blood looks more like clots/congealed blood (sorry guys) and it's still painful and irregular... Was wondering what other people's experience of this is...

I have been referred to colorectal as well and they are looking into IBD, IBS and all that sort of thing - waiting for some results from blood tests and other wonderful samples.

I have also been in therapy to try and address the chronic pain I am in. And it helps to some extent. But when it's bad I still have to revolve my life around this. And being a uni student it's really hard to make people understand when I am lacking a diagnosis.

If anyone has any advice or similar experience that would be very helpful.

I know with endo people have had to have more than one lap...

And that there are other gynae issues that it could be... But no idea. Help!!!!

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Rebeelouise, like you I am extremely frustrated. I KNOW something is wrong, I just don't have a diagnosis yet which makes it that much more frustrating. I just had a colonoscopy. Thank God all ok with that. Gastro's office now says ibs and yet I sit have classic symptoms. I had an abdominal surgery done one year ago and have every reason to believe it's adhesions esp. due to pulling, yanking sensation inside of me all day everyday esp. when I stand and walk around. I hope you get Simmons. I share your pain. Have you ever had abdominal surgery?


Sorry... meant to say... hope you get solutions


Hi I had same problems 15 years ago only small amount of endometriosis found. Had mirena fitted bled for a month after but after that I never got another period and had 2 other mirena fitted. So hang in there.

As far IBS goes I still suffer but was glad to get rid of the extra period trouble. Hope this helps. I have given in trying to sort IBS out Just take imoduim night before I have to do anything major next day but it does take over your life. Stick with mirena if u can x


Before diagnosis with laparoscopy my symptoms were very heavy periods often clots & leakages, pain and the most uncomfortable feeling as if something was laying heavily on my right side. Laparoscopy confirmed Endo and for the next 10 years had more Laps to mop up the adhesions. Then followed a visit to a Gastro because of stomach cramps, multiple bowel movements and pain from RIF area, he said he could not find anything wrong but he could not rule out that Endo scar tissue may have something to do with my current discomfort. Back to Gyna and a scan found Fibroids. Sorry to go on but now will offer my opinion and hope it may help you. Find out if you may have fibroids or polyps. To dampen down your periods ask your GP about taking a progestrogen only pill like mefamic acid (Postan) it helped me greatly. Finally until a colonoscopy is preformed to confirm or rule out IBD only then can you get on with your life. I wish you well as I really do understand what you are going through


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