I said yes to one of my friends birthday party things and it's a 20 min drive from my house I know I will probs be fine when I get there but I get very anxious and panicky about my IBS. I always have Imodium and mebeverin with me but i worry about accidents. I just need some advice on how to handle the anxiety and panic related to IBS I know it won't be for long but I don't want to call it off cause if I do I feel I have let people down and then I get really upset. Thanx for reading.

16, K

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  • Hi, I'm the same 😟 I take imodium an hour before I go out then I can tell myself you will be fine you've taken Imodium you'll not need the loo. I went to my newphews birthday party yesterday and was anxious all day but I just tell myself you can't let your kids down now go. I try distracting myself too in the car by either singing or day dreaming anything not to think about where I'm going.

  • Thank you xx

  • I always get worried about events. I usually take an Imodium about 2 hours before as that helps and also look at anxiety and mindfulness help guides on the web as there are really good resources to help keep you calm. Also remember that you will probably really enjoy it when you get there and the feeling of giving in to this rotten thing is much worse. Good luck

  • I'm fine when I get there (normally) but then again I'm still mindful of it x

  • Take a change of underwear and leggings, taking precautions always helps, anything to help your anxiety. And remember someone else may hv same problem. Try not to think it's your fault in any way. Good luck xx

  • I always take a spare pair I always take sanitary pads with me too xx

  • Hi you need to carry on taking mebeverine every day til you are better, then gp will wean you off them.

    also ask Gp for amitryptyline BUT you can drink with them

    All The Best

  • Thanx xx

  • amitripyline : sorry i meant you CANT drink with amitrytiline and if you have just gone on them you CANT drive with them either

    very Best Wishes

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