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I am super excited I came across this site. I have been looking for a good health forum for a long time!

I have IBS-C - well I think. It has not been officially diagnosed but all the symptoms are there. After I eat, even when I dont eat like in the morning when I wake up - I'm bloated, gassy, maybe 3 bm's a week, I get bad heartburn like it takes forever for my food to digest. I recently had an abdomen ultrasound to see about acid reflux and what not but all is well up there. I'm about to try to the low FODMAP diet to see if that helps. Does anyone have any input on what has helped them feel better? I wish I could take out my guts and beat them up for being so mean to me all the time.

Thanks so much :)

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Hi, I've got one suggestion for you. I've done the Fodmap diet and I think it's to restricting so I think your best to do it the other way round like just take out Dairy for two weeks see if there's any change, then gluton for two weeks and so on. If your IBS c do you eat wholewheat bread. Also have you tried Fybergel to regulate your bowels. Oh and most deffinitly stay away from onion and garlic. Take Care.


It does look restricting for sure but at this point I'm ready to do whatever it takes. I can't eat dairy as it is so thats not the problem. I don't eat alot of bread products either and when I do theres not a huge problem either. I mean I get a bit bloated but thats normal to me. I have not heard of fybergel, is it sold in Canada? I'll have to try eliminating onion and garlic and see if that helps.


Hi HellsBells1986, I'm glad someone has a smile on their face, as I find i.b.s isn't easy to cope with at all. It sounds like you may well have i.b.s you have all the symptoms of it, I'd put in one word of warning which I know many people on this forum won't agree with, FODMAPS works for some people and doesn't for others. Good luck, I hope you get the answers you're after.


Oh trust me it's not easy to cope with but I try to cope with it the best I can. I notice stress triggers bad belly flareups so I try to stay as positive as possible. As for the FODMAPs diet I just though it would be worth a try. There are certain no no foods on this diet that don't bother me at all so I guess it would be trial and error. Do you have IBS-C or D?


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