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Appendectomy 9 days ago..ibs has gone wild help

I had my appendix out and ever since I look 7 months pregnant, the bloating gets worse as the day goes on. It's so annoying, in lying here now and I can feel twisting, fluttering, pulling and dragging sensations. Also bubbling and gas.

Load noises. I can't sleep. Wondering how long this will last.

They found cysts on my ovaries wondering if they can make ibs worse. I have terrible anger before my period starts. My ibs kicks off and I have a lot of bm. Now I'm thinking the operation has kicked off my Ibs even worse and I dnt know what to do ...feeling sad

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It's early days yet, I'm sure the gas and bloating will subside gradually. Try not to worry about your symptoms and let your body heal. I know this is easier said than done but it does take a while to recover from any kind of abdominal surgery .


No wonder you are feeling sad,I would be too!

Any kind of abdominal surgery entails moving the bowel and then stitching everything up.

This could just be part of the healing process. I had my appendix out many years ago and it took me quite a while to get back to normal-whatever 'normal' is-so patience is important.

You dont say if the ovarian cysts have been removed or how long since your surgery. The cysts may have a bearing on what I see as a hormonal imbalance-anger,sadness etc. Try and get this sorted out.

What are your periods like since the op?

I would try and have a word with your doctor but I would give things time to settle down and heal.

Good luck,

Elaine xx


Had keyhole sterilization with filchie clips-took a fortnight before I could eat normally again !IBS really protests after any kind of surgery.I drank peppermint tea and took gaviscon to ease symptoms.Plenty of rest to help your body heal.Nibble if you can,substitute with vitamin drinks if you can't. x


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