I have been following the low fodmap diet for 2 months, and am slowly trying to reintroduce foods with moderate success. I would like to add soymilk back to my diet but the low fodmap diet calls for only soy products made without soybeans and from outside the USA. Many USA products are made without GMOs. Does anyone know why this is the case or if there is soymilk available that meets the low Fodmap requirements?

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  • Hi Ellie9, I suffer with chronic IBS,tried the Fodmap diet no good for me. But I found Ko Ko milk to be really nice and helpful. Give it a try.

  • Can you get almond or rice milk ?

  • Hi Ellie, unless you're a vegan, I would recommend Lactofree milk which is widely available as fresh or UHT in the UK. I've also found that very low lactose milk is also increasingly available in France - only UHT so far but and seems low enough for me to use without any problem. Good luck with finding it wherever you live and with the FODMAP - it's helped me enormously!

  • If you can tolerate almonds you can make your own almond milk by soaking them in water overnight then whizzing them in nutribullet or similar.

  • Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. I really like soy milk and as tofu is allowed on the low fodmap diet I still wonder why soy milk is not. I to have almond milk and lactose free milk options....they just aren't as appealing in coffee....

  • Hi. I have tried several different milks and have found I like Oat Milk. I used Soya milk for several years until I read it can interfere with hormone levels. Not sure how true these studies are but opted to change to Oat Milk. Though perhaps Oats are not good for the low FODMAP diet.

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