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My Wife (who has IBS) and I Are Creating a FODMAP Friendly Food Company

My wife, who is a registered dietitian, has experienced a literally life-changing experience thanks to the low FODMAPs diet. On our honeymoon, she was in so much pain due to gas and bloating that we were about to check into a hospital - and it was not parasites or food poisoning, but simply the mal-absorbed carbohydrates - FODMAPs.

The problem, as many of you have probably noticed by now, is that it can be very hard finding food products that are FODMAP Friendly. We don't have time to cook absolutely everything from scratch! For this reason, my wife and I are starting a food company to cater to people with IBS, and our first product is a low-FODMAP protein bar.

I don't mean this as an advertisement, but as a piece of potentially useful information for people struggling on this diet. We're not some huge corporation, just a couple of normal people who left secure jobs in order to start a company that could make a difference in the world by trying to make it easier for people to be on a low-FODMAPs diet. Those interested can check it out here:


Thanks, and best of luck to all you fellow IBS people!

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What a shame you are in USA - I would buy it straightaway.


Where are you located? We are considering international options for the future.


I'm in UK.


Hi Jessie, I am also in the UK and would welcome the opportunity to purchase FODMAP friendly snacks etc. please keep us informed.


Hi there,

I myself am recently going through a change in my diet (to lowfodmap) and have noticed a massive struggle in finding items which are gluten free, dairy free, gluten free AND onion and garlic free!

Also, and more importantly which you might be interested in, I am currently doing a master in business administration. My final year project is coming to a close and I am just finishing up my conclusion on the topic line of 'Are the supermarket free-from products meeting the demand of consumers? A strategic analysis into this niche market'. So, if you ever want to share ideas or run some business ideas between each other, then I think it would be a great thing to do. It could help us both! During my study I have uncovered some interesting discoveries and the research could be valuable for your company.

Good luck!


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