Capsule endoscopy

Hi all, I am due to have one of these next Friday; I have already had conventional endoscopy and colonoscopy and nothing has shown up, part from some slight stomach lesions but I am still getting chronic IBS pain and have done for many years. The consultant wants to rule out any problems with the mall bowel so has recommened this test, just realyl wanted some advice on what it is like and any potential risks?

Many Thanks


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  • No idea I've never heard of it . But I'd be really interested in knowing what it is,

  • Hi there, I'm due to have one of these at some unspecified time in the future. As far as I know you have to swallow a capsule and then whatever is in it helps them track what's going on in the small bowel, I haven't has a notification yet, there are usually notes with these explaining what's going on. I believe the whole thing can last hours while they wait for the capsule to be ingested(?) and you wait around in the Hospital! I'm sure I've greatly oversimplified this but it's not invasive in the same way that other tests are and the potential risks are minimal. I suggest you Google it for a proper explanation: that's what one of G.P.s in our Group Practice does if he wants to know anything medical!!

    Like you, I've recently had a colonoscopy, upper endoscopy and barium follow -through because of elevated Calprotectin levels which suggest inflammation in the bowel. Nothing has been found so far, my G.P.says the probably looking for a small patch of Crohns...heck,it must be small if it hasn't been detected by the other tests.

    All the best for Friday and please let us know how it went, I'd be really interested to know what your overall experience is.

  • Hi again, just had a quick Google: the capsule, about the size of a vitamin pill, contains a small camera which takes lots of photos of the bowel as it works its way down, apparently it reaches places that the other procedures can't. It doesn't seem widely available, I live in N.Wales and will have to travel to Liverpool for mine. Good luck!

  • I had one of these last year in Bristol (nearest place that did them). It was quite straightforward and totally painless (unlike the horrific agony of colonoscopy and OGD!!!). You don't eat or drink beforehand as instructed and swallow a large camera pill with some water. Then it passes through you. Then you get the results weeks/months later depending on how on the ball your consultant is.

  • The easiest of procedures wish I had had this done instead of colonoscopy which has completed changed my life pain 24/7.

    Don't worry!

  • I do sympathise, my gut has been worse since the 3 procedures last year. What doesn't help is my G.P.scoffing at the suggestion,grr

  • Hi thanks got your replies has certainly made me feel more at ease and I did Google it too after posting, will let you know how it all goes next week! Thanks Lucy x

  • How long did you all have to wait from the time of referral to having this, please?

  • I actaully have private medical insurance cathhope so I was referred straight away afer my colonoscopy and endoscopy that I had back in November as they did not turn up with anything. I am going on Friday so will let you know how it goes!

    Lucy x

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