Feeling weird anyone?

I'm a long term IBS sufferer going through a very bad flare up the past few months - Dr changed my diet, putting me on an elimination one following bloodwork for food intolerances - I'm worse than ever with horrendous stomach bloating (look 6 months pregnant), pain, acid feelings in chest that go through to back. I'm slowly reverting back to my "normal" diet but I'm very up and down each day and not feeling good at all which isn't helping my anxiety. To make it all worse when my stomach feels weird/uncomfortable, etc I get weird feelings in my head and headaches - does anyone else suffer with this too?

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  • Yes I am the same. Suffer terribly with anxiety and this gives me the same symptoms as you. I get bloating and often dont feel like eating. Anxiety is a terrible thing. I have tried alsorts counselling,hypnotherapy and whilst under the hospital awaiting for further investigations my Ibs is worse.

  • Thanks Pam, for me it's often a vicious circle. Bad IBS leads to anxiety which leads to worse IBS and stress is definitely a trigger. I've tried all sorts too with both anxiety and IBS but nothing helps. Good luck x

  • I'm exactly the same. At a convention this weekend and stomach is going haywire. It's anything that outdid elf my routine that sets it off! So frustrating!

  • Yes weird thoughts!! It all leads to anxiey & depression because of what we are going through!! Its hell!! Bless you.x

  • Yes. I have suffered same symptoms as yourself now for 3 years. Now going for an MRI Scan as had all other tests ie. Colonoscopy etc. Feeling worse it's ruling my life!😢

  • Hi. I find it hard to give responses because you have only said these pains are weird. Maybe if you could elaborate a bit. Exactly where and what types of pain ? How and when do they begin?

    I'm sorry you are in such misery

  • Hi Kaspinallsgr8, I get terrible brain fog, just feel generally weird, dizzy, anxiety ramps up and it all comes from my stomach when my IBS flares up or is feeling uncomfortable.

  • Hi karenkoala

    I was asking because I suffer from some of the same symptoms. In addition to IBS, I have fibromyalgia which causes serious brain fog, and also head and stomach migraines that cause 'weird' issues as well. Many of these are known to happen along side each other. Perhaps it's not so weird but please push your GP to investigate. It's alway makes it less stressful to have a complete picture of what's going on. None of these will kill us but it does make life miserable. Good luck.

  • Thanks so much. Makes me so angry when non IBS sufferers think it's "just" a tummy ache..if only!!! Good luck to you too :-)

  • This all sounds familiar. I constantly feel weird. Headaches, slight unsteadiness, sometimes dizziness, pressure, aches and pains, anxiety (especially in unfamiliar situations).

  • I was beginning to wonder if I was imagining it (although I know I can't be!) as it's such a weird feeling and just adds to the misery.

  • Does anyone have info on diverteticulitis

  • sounds all too familair. have you tried a wheat f ree diet for 2 weeks. iv been so much better with little or no whate. i also avoid gluten in other foods. mushrooms raw toms. onions and gassy drinks all a no no for me. long time sufferer but nmuch better since cut out all breads.



  • I have suffered with IBS for monthes and happened to mention it to my sister, she told me to ask doctor for Lansoprazole 30mg it changed my life over night I take one every morning and have no more pain or bloating.

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