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Unusual Feeling

Hi, im 29 and I'm new to this site and just looking for some guidance and ideas to what may be causing me these odd feelings.

About 7 days ago I started with a fever. I suffered with it for around 3 days until going to a walk in centre as I had also started breathing with a crackle on the chest.

They found that I had a chest infection mostly in my right side of my chest.

They prescribed me with antibiotics and sent me on my way.

I've been taking the antibiotics as directed, and they now seem to be doing there job. But I've got an unusual Feeling lurking in my abdoman and wondered if it may be possible that my chest infection could be causing it.

I don't generally have any pain but more of a pressure on my right side, sort of lurking round the mid right side of my gut. I have struggled to make bowl movements and feel like i want to pass wind but can't always do it. When I do manage to pass wind it doesnt make it feel any better and my stools are light brown in colour.

Now, when I came down with the fever I went completely off my food and just didn't want food at all. This lasted 3-4 days.

Obviously my stomach was rumbling and I would eventually started eating again. This is when I noticed the feeling in my stomach.

I though it was trapped wind so I drank boild water, massaged my stomach but this fullness was still there. It's still there now. It does sometimes feel as if it's moved but then comes back.

I have stopped feeling off my food now and managed my first real meal last night. And still have this (trapped wind, odd fullness feeling).

Any ideas would be great if anyone has any.

Many thanks for reading.

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Sorry. I have also posted on the IBS network because I wondered if maybe it could be a symptom of IBS.


probiotics as in kefir or in liquids. a Must.


I think IBS covers such a wide ranging list of symptoms that I cant say yes or no about this.

What I would say is that an infection of any type can mess up your regular toilet habits. If you continue to be constipated,Id see your doc,just in case you have a little blockage going on there.

Im not one to usually recommend laxatives so I wont. Boiled water is a good idea tho.

Let us know how you get on,ok?

Elaine xx


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