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I had a colonoscopy & the Dr noticed some inflammtion which he thought may be due to parasites so he prescribed Fasigyn 500mg Tinidazole

I'm inclined to not take the antibiotics and to ask more questions. But not sure what questions to ask. It would be good if he could definitely find what sort of parasite exactly and which is the least dodgy antibiotic to use to get rid of them or is there a natural remedy? I have Hashimoto's and my bowl movements have changed over the last 6 years (cow pats or pebbles) but not severe constipation or diarrhea so went to see a gastroenterologist to see if he could help (private health insurance overseas). He seemed very kind and keen to help but likes to dish out the pills...

After taking the colonoscopy prep (Dulcolax tablets and Klean-Prep) to clear me out (which probably also cleared me out from good flora) my anus hole was very sore and stinging and bleeding a bit. So I'm wondering if the inflammation in the intestine somewhere is due to the clear out. Or, although he thought there were no signs of inflammation due to gluten maybe it was. My test for gluten sensitivity came out negative twice recently but positive for casein and yeast. My gluten test came out as 'Equivocal' just over a year ago. I sometimes produce a dollop of mucus with a bubble or 2 inside and sometimes a little bit of poo or blood. Is that also a sign of parasites? Unfortunately it hasn't appeared in my stool samples. Although it did once and they still reported no mucus? So I've been taking photos. I don't have hemorrhoids. Maybe I should try a parasite detoxification herbal remedy. Does anyone know of one?

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I've never tested positive but often have your symptoms. GI doctors don't believe I have parasites. My daughter had them once. She saw one swimming in the toilet. Mucus caused by all sorts of problems including stress. I eat a lot of pumpkin seeds roasted unsalted and also take probiotic kefir.


Thanks PatV, I've been eating pumpkin butter. Thanks for your reply :)


I read an article once which I have kept about a lady who had suffered for many years, and a herbalist found she had the parasite Giardia lamblia. She was treated with a tincture (main ingredient Wormwood), and was completely cured.


Thanks casares8 for your reply. I've heard that Wormwood helps get rid of parasites. I wonder how the herbalist found out what type of parasite she had.


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