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fibroiads can they pain

I went for a scan last week as had IBS and they scanned overies to be double sure it isn't anything else. They said I had fibroids on the uterus, but of no concern as they can shrink themselves in time. However I am in so much pain have constipation and wee a lot also my tummy can swell.,I am wondering now would it not be better to have a hysterectomy as this would get rid of fibroids which may be causing the problem. Going for the camera to check if anything is going on with bowels but thease fibroids have got me thinking now. DOES anyone out there have fibroids and do they pain.Thanks Reene

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I think your best bet is to wait till you have your colonoscopy ,then bring up the fibroids again with another consultant. Good Luck.

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I had fibroid s in the past. They were not painful in my case just make periods heavier. They don't do hysterectomy now if they can help.it. They will probably either microwave inside your womb (which I had done and is not painful although done under general anaesthetic) or quarterise it another way. Hysterectomy is only done in very severe cases. It is unlikely to be the cause of your pain. Hope you get it sorted.


Most women will develop fybriods but not all will have problems. There is often a 'watch and wait' approach when first found as they can reduce by themselves, particularly as a woman enters menopause. I had a number of fybriods, the largest of which was a 13cm sphere. The discomfort was hard to separate from IBS at times. Gynae wanted to do a hysterectomy due to my age (46 at the time) - it was a cheaper and easier option for them but not what I wanted.

There are other options but these depend on how and where your fybriods have formed. There are some very good Internet sites which will give you more information. Options may include medication, embolisation, laser treatment or surgical removal as alternative to hysterectomy.

Please bear in mind that fybriods may not shrink even if you are a little older (in gynae terms, over 40) and you may have to fight to get the treatment you believe will give the best outcome. I was lucky to get the treatment I wanted but it took 2 years. A colleague was less so: consultant told her they would shrink but they grew rapidly and eventually she had to have a hysterectomy as they had got too big to do anything else.

Best of luck x


PS being overweight can influence growth rate - something to do with fat storing oestrogen. I believe this was a factor for my colleague and me.

PPS I know a lot of women who feel they got a new lease of life after a hysterectomy. I found being as well informed as possible before seeing the consultant meant I didn't feel rail roaded into a procedure I wasn't happy with. It may be hysterectomy is the best option for you, only you can make that decision and I believe that knowing as much as possible about all the alternatives helps in that process.


Hi! Grace.......................I had fibroids and endometriosis. Fibroids like Endo gives you heavy periods. I am 62 and 3 years ago was told after a scan that I still had a couple of fibroids though very small. Everyone is different but I agree that you should wait until your colonoscopy results. If you are still not happy then get a Gyna to preform a laparoscopy this will show up anything on the female reproductive organs......wish you well


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