Constant ibs

I ve had IBS for some years and three weeks ago it started again with constant stomach ache and rumbling tum. Lots of wind but not so much D bit of C. It's still going on now. I m on peppermint oil caps and Omeprazole and co codamol for the pain. Awake last night with this dull gnawing pain. I feel so low with this going on so long. It's worrying me. Anybody else have it last so long. Thanks for listening folks xxx

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  • Hi I know how you feel.My ibs-c is awful,it has affected evey part of my life.I know have a doctor who is trying to help me but so far no much has helped so far.Just tryand stay ppositive during the bad days and enjoy the good ones hope things get better.

  • Hi Moxiegold. Thanks for replying. Like you I ve got a good Dr but it just seems to be going on and on. Just worrying with non stop ache and going on so long. This site is so helpful and most comforting chatting with other suffers. Good luck with yours too xxx

  • Hi kerrym212 . Thanks for your reply . I m just keeping to porridge and banana for breakfast and something like scrambled eggs or chicken and plain rice for dinner and drinking lots of herbal teas and water. I do get stressed , my own worst enemy. Will try digestive enzymes thanks again x

  • I was told not to take any supplements with oil in them ( evening primrose made me worse) after 15 yrs of Ibs and hiatus hernia ,what has really helped me is a gluten, sugar and lactose free diet. I take Aloe Vera juice from Holland and Barrett and acidophilus. All this has worked a treat , I I now have barely any bloating or wind and no pain. Omprezole doesn't help unless u have acid reflux, ranatidine is better for reflux.

  • Hi, I've had IBS-C my whole life, for some reason my intestines don't work properly but I have no idea why. The key is to find the right dosage and type of laxatives. People seem to freak out when you say laxatives but here are different kind of laxatives and some of them are completely okay to take for the rest of your life if need be. One type is a bulking laxative for example fybogel which does the obvious and is a very good laxative to take, its also good because its natural and you can take as much of it as you need for however long you want. Another type is stool softeners like laxido (I found this a lot better than lactulose) and this basically adds water to the bowel and again does the obvious. If you need to you can take this long term, the damage you do by being constipated is worse then the damage these kinds of lactulose could do. The only laxative you can't take long term are stimulant laxatives like senna as this makes your bowels lazy.

    Its just about finding the right routine, I take laxido in the morning and fybogel with my dinner in the evening then take a days break then start again. Before this routine I always felt absolutely awful. You just need to keep trying different methods until you get the one that suits you and another important point is to keep to each routine for at least 2 weeks to give it time to work. I've never bothered with the peppermint stuff as really they seem to me like they'd be something that would irritate your bowels rather than help them, have they actually had a noticeable affect?

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