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Alcohol and ibs

Anyone else have issues with alcohol? Sometimes I can be fine after a few drinks but after a heavy session at a wedding on Saturday night I'm still paying the price. I don't think it helped that I took two precautionary immodium during the day as I was anxious about the wedding. I drank far too much wine that evening and the immodium meant I wasn't able to expel it maybe? All day yesterday I felt dreadfully sick and still do. Today I have had the opposite problem with loose bowels, gas, gurgling and pain. I can't eat as I feel so nauseated and all I want to do is sleep. Feels like it's going on too long to be a hangover.

I know it's self inflicted but I feel so so rotten. Anyone else suffer like this? How long is it likely to take my body to get rid of the booze?!

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Hangovers can last for a few days when you have IBS.

I did the same the other week drank prosseco.Had diarrhoea for 2 days and nausea.It was horrible.

Not touching prosseco again.Just drink loads of water and flush away the toxins.

Good luck

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It was alcohol, or rather a certain form of alcoholic drink (red wine), which triggered my IBS in the first place. It could be your favourite tipple which exacerbates the problem.


Hi, I noticed my hangovers getting worse and worse the last couple of years and everyone said it's just because you're getting old, but now I feel horrendous even after 1 beer the next day with stomach ache / multiple bowel movements in a few hours / feeling sick / headache which sometimes lasts a couple of days and completely wipes me out.

Problem is I get the same feeling about once a week / fortnight without drinking any alcohol but I know drinking alcohol will guarantee it.

I've only just been diagnosed with IBS last week but it would be nice to figure out what's triggering the hangover feeling when I don't drink any alcohol.


Last night I had the worst case of diarrhoea I've ever had. Literally water. And it was numerous times - between 15-20 I think. I was also sick twice. Can't work out if it's a bug, a delayed hangover or something I ate but I feel dreadful and have never experienced anything so severe before. I think it's settling down a bit now but I've had to call in sick and my stomach is making all kinds of crazy noises.


I would think that was a typical "bug" x


Aww bless you! We all have to enjoy ourselves at some point or whats the point? But yes!! We have a hard price to pay! Xx


It happened to me got better near tea time felt sick as a dog, felt poisoned


Beer and IBS do not go down to well


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