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What helped me...may help you

I am just sharing because I have been in so much pain also. Mostly IBS C and started to get D too. Leaky Gut, and ileocecal valve pain and problems. I too was afraid to eat. Was beginning to think I had colon or gall bladder cancer. I will share what has helped turn it around for me, and I share in hope that it will help others. I was starting to have pain that was in the spots that fibromyalgia sufferers experience. I have also experienced severe gall bladder pain.

My chiropractor put me on a 21 day detox with Standard Process products. I am allergic to dairy so I could not do the whey protein powder..but all the other products helped. I basically drank 4 shakes a day and took all the nutritional products...lost 24 pounds, but I needed to lose some weight. So it may not work for you that do not need to lose weight. But due to my multiple food allergies and food sensitivities I could not eat much on the diet. Others may be able to eat more and not lose so much weight. I have had friends who have done this 21 day detox without losing weight.

Anyway, I also began to drink aloe vera pure juice once per day, probiotics, and very importantly Sweetish Bitters from Gaia that my herbalist friend recommended.

I am doing 90% better just 3 months later. The joint pain and swelling is gone, I am having normal BM's daily, I still have to be very careful with what I eat...and am sticking to the FODMAP diet. But I was able to eat string cheese the other day with no negative effects. Oh and I forgot to mention I am also taking Digestive enzymes...Essential Enzymes by Source Naturals, and Essential Amino Acids recommended by my primary doctor...Essential Amino Complex Free Form..Gluten, Wheat & Dairy free by Solgar. I stopped eating any meat for 3 months, and got most of protein from the Standard Process Shake and Quinoa. I soak the Quinoa over night to sprout it.

As you can see I have had to go to several different health practitioners, chiropractor, colon hydrotherapist, Medical Provider, gastroenterologist...and naturopathic doctor....

I once read a book about migraine headaches written by two women who suffered from severe headaches. What I learned most from that book was from an example they gave: that if there were seven swords stuck in our head and we go to one doctor who may only remove one sword, then we may have some relief but the problems persist because the other 6 swords have not been addressed.

Best Wishes and healing to all of you, Blanca

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Well art express I have just read your post and I think that last paragraph is brilliant .I suffer chronic IBS and have done for years,and it was only this morning I was trying to explain exactly that to my husband but that last paragraph explains it perfectly.BRILLIANT!!

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I'm willing to try anyrhing and your regime makes sense.

What brand aloe vera and what quantity daily?

What brand probiotics? I have read and confirmed that some probiotics aggravate IBS-C.

How did you find your colon hydrotherapist?

Thanks! I have PD as well. I am determined to MOVE FREELY AND BANISH PAIN.

Your experience gives me hope.

p.s. I also found most helpful a physical therapist specializing in abdominal pain, a new specialty. Ask your GI. You might be able to get a referral.


Hello, Thank you for your questions. I use:

Lily of the Desert Organic Preservative Free Aloe Very Juice.

Genestra HMF intensive Probiotics. I buy HMF intensive on Amazon. Expensive but worth it.

My chiropractor referred me to colon hydrotherapist. I don't know what area you live, but I am in San Diego, CA.

Oh I will look into the physical therapist. Thank you and best wishes. Blanca



So sorry for your suffering. I have just been on Facebook and they are looking for volunteers to try some new medication for IBS sufferers. I don't know where you are from, but for any other sufferers, go to Facebook, or IBS network site. They need you to travel to Sheffield.

Eunice xx


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