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Weight loss without the agony!


I am currently overweight and so far the only way I can lose weight is through Slimming World. But whenever I do it, I end up in A&E with an impacted colon. I drink loads, so its not like I am dehydrated. Truth is my bowels do not cope with the excessive amount of fibre that this diet and others recommend.

If I eat rubbish my bowels are fine. I really don't get it.

How can I lose the weight without being constipated, bloated and in pain. I am at a loss.

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I have just started reading the book fibre menace, Ibs sufferers should not be eating Insoluble fibre. It might help if you had a look at this book and it would explain why your bowels are fine on a 'rubbish' diet. I am soaking up the information and advice and will start a fibre free diet to see how I get on with it.

The book is available on Amazon or if you google fibre menace you can read bits of it online.

NailQueenxo in reply to Iizzy

This actually makes alot of sense!! but it is difficult to eat healthy low fibre foods because fruits wholegrains and veg are full of it but are also reccomended for us to eat :( IBS sufferers can never win :(

Hi Chelle3201, firstly, I think you answered your own question, stay away from slimming world, there diets obviously don't agree with you, and insoluble fibre, can cause problems with IBS C. Instead of eating Junk, have a play around with your diet yourself, it will take time, but find foods that are kind to your colon, and those that are not. Yes it's frustrating, and you just want a miracle cure. My Dad use to be lik you, and he started on soaked prunes in the morning, he use to have it with a small amount of porridge, and it helped him, he played around with his diet and finally found foods that helped him, he also stayed away from white bread. I wish I could give you all the answers, but it's trial and error, and I wish you all the luck in finding the right diet. Take care.x

Like the others have said, with IBS the type of fibre is important, too. Soluble fibre absorbs water in the gut and helps to create bulk, easing constipation (and paradoxically improving diarrhoea, too) - see helpforibs.com/diet/fiber1.asp for a bit more information on types of food. Another problem you may be having is that the type of healthy food you are eating could be containing nutrients that your body can't digest but bacteria can, in turn contributing to the symptoms. Although wheat is a problem for me, I found that I could handle white bread better than wholemeal bread because there were fewer non-digestable things in the white loaf. This is why I've found the low FODMAP diet helpful (but not a panacea) for my IBS as it helps to identify many of these foods so you can eliminate the troublesome ones from your diet. The slight irony being that some high FODMAP foods are also sources of soluble fibre.

I'm sticking to 1200 calories a day and have lost a stone since January. This is the best diet for me as I can eat what agrees with stomach. I also walk hour a day. I know this is a slow diet but it's the only one I've been able to stick to because of my ibs

Amcc in reply to Nerissa

Slow is good, weight will stay off. You are on the diet treadmill now, so keep it up and don't over indulge too often. No matter how many diets I've been on the weight returns, I love all the 'bad stuff' and not a lover of the good stuff. And there you have it a yoyo dieter, that's me, I have come to the sad conclusion, that as we are not all made from the same mould we must accept our differences. Nonetheless, I do try not to over indulge too much, so my hefty weight does stay the same. Good luck

More calories going out of a body, in the form of everyday living and/or exercise, will eventually lead to weight reduction. Simply by stepping up my exercise, while eating the same, got me losing 10kg in 2 years, (= 22lbs. or about 1.5 stone), and at the end of the 2 years I was healthier and fitter than ever before.

It is very frustrating when trying to be healthy is disagrees with you. Agree with some below in that upping the exercise and also calorie counting would work. I dieted many years ago but calorie counting - that's all that was around years ago, and I successfully lost weight and I have to say I have never reached that weight again - I lost the weight around 38 years ago!

Also, there is an improved Atkins style diet which doesn't include a lot of fibre - may be worth looking at but I have to say that calorie controlled would be the best as it's slow, frustrating I know, but it works.

Best of luck


I wouldn't give up on belonging to a weight-loss group like Slimming World. The discipline of adopting a healthy eating pattern and regular weight checks is essential if you are to succeed in losing the pounds. I would try and reduce intake of insoluble fibre and replace it with soluble fibre such as oats. I have a tendency to suffer from severe constipation but have avoided severe impaction by using constipation relief suppositories (glycerin) which are sold by most pharmacies and supermarkets.

you are eating too much fibre os my guess. Have u ever tried the lowfodmap diet? B trying it you will see which foods upset you most. Try cutting out wheat, cereals, pulses etc don't eat lots of extra salad,fruit and veg as these are free foods onthat type of slimming world/weight watchers diet so people tend to fill up more on these, but for someone like us with ibs, this causes massive problems. The bowel can bulk out with too much fibre from fruit and veg!

my advice is eat healthy, some fibre, keep drinking lots as this is good for the bowel, eat smaller portions and get plenty of exercise as that helps the bowel to regulate.

Thank you all so much for your advice. I have purchased the Low FODMAP Diet book and have decided to see a dietitian to get me started. Fingers crossed it works.

I cant relate more! Ever since i have been eating healthy, wholesome fibre rich foods by tummy swells up and stays looking pregnant for the entire day. But then if i eat a pint of ice cream i feel better?! its so strange :( maybe our problem is excessive fibre. Perhaps consider managing portions of junk food but still incorporate them somehow.

I discovered, by accident, that eating yogurt seems to be my problem! Whilst on holiday in the UK over the summer I didn't eat yogurt as we were staying in hotels and with family and I didn't buy it. When we got back home I bought my usual natural yogurt, which I had every morning before breakfast and Bingo back running to the loo! So, I have stopped eating it and in four weeks I haven't had an episode. Who'd have thought it? I always thought yogurt was good for replenishing the good bacteria in your system - maybe I have too much!.

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