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not ibs something else!!

hi all after many years of self medicating for IBS symptoms I had a really bad attack of faecal compaction that left me hospitalised for 4 days in agony on pain killers ,enemas you name it had it ,

It finally prompted the surgeons to do a colonoscopy and guess what its not IBS its Diverticular disease I am so glad I got a definite diagnosis as they treated me with codine in hospital for the pain apparently this makes things worse for IBS I needed Antibiotics

so people please don't assume you have IBS a lot of my friend s just self medicate when they have an attack and it could be doing more harm than good so insist on a colonoscopy and get a proper diagnosis ,I wished I had done years ago

good luck

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great pleased you have it sorted, I too was told I had IBS, later found out I have a condition called sphincter of oddi.

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I found out I had both from a colonoscopy. First I found a very kind patient GI doctor. I also have PD so Ibs complicated by neuromuscular problems. My daughter cured her very serious diverticulitis, which went undiagnosed 4 years, using methods of Arthur White, author of DIVERTICULITIS: how to restore the body's self-healing powers without drugs. I find it helpful too. best of luck


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