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Back with Good News

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry for being MIA as of late but I am back and I do have some positive experiences to share.

For those who don't know, I was diagnosed with IBS three years ago. I have suffered with digestive issues all my life but they got considerably worse following a five-week trip to India. Since then, I have poked and prodded, pricked and tested by a number of medical (and quasi-medical) professionals with very little success.

I have now been on a low-FODMAP diet for the past four months. Generally, I feel MUCH better than I did before starting the diet. I certainly have my days (still have pretty uncomfortable bloating and constipation every so often) but, overall, I feel good.

I just wanted to post to let people know that there very well can be a light at the end of the tunnel. A few weeks into the FODMAP diet, I felt terrible. I experienced a flare-up just as bad, if not worse, than any flare-up I'd had in the past. I was pretty ready to give up. I stuck it out, though, and it was worth it. The diet is certainly not a catch-all solution for everyone...but, it is worth a try. Trust me. I've been through it and have come out the other end (no pun intended).

In fact, my fiancé and I recently started a food intolerance/IBS blog called carefulcooking.com. It is still in it's early stages but I write about my experiences with IBS and related issues while my fiancé provides FODMAP-friendly recipes (he's a fantastic cook and a very dedicated supporter of my digestive health) and commentary on what it's like to live with a partner who suffers from IBS. There is not much there yet but more to come!

Hope all is well with the group!

Much love from Toronto,


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Glad to hear the Low FODMAP diet worked for you - it did for me too. I have had no painful flare-ups since starting it in February. After 8 weeks elimination I did the re-introduction phase but did not find anything specific that caused a problem. I am now careful if I go out to eat and feel so much better. You are lucky to have such a supportive partner - mine is so sceptical and intolerant! Until I did the Low FIDMAP he used to say it was all in my head!

Let's hope we keep improving.


Thanks, dotty423! I am so glad that you've found success on the diet, too. Glad your partner seems to be coming around, as well. I can ask my fiancé to have a talk with him if you'd like ;)


Hi Toronto (nice to know where you are writing from)

I am wondering though if it means you have to keep to the fodmap for ever? I tried it for a month no joy obviously as not long enough. Am starting a sugar free as that seems to be my main trigger (,includes wine obviously) . but realize I have to do fodmap again prob.

(From London)



That's great, looking forward to reading some of the recipes. xx


Hi Woodgut,

I likely will stay on a low-FODMAP diet in one form or another for the foreseeable future. I have found that I can tolerate some FODMAPs (although, I don't quite have the quantities and timing down to a science yet). That said, I'm going on my honeymoon in September and, while I plan to be as careful as possible (i.e. not going to go out and eat a whole loaf of bread), I know that I will be cheating a lot over those 10 days. I'm sure I won't feel spectacular when I get home but...I love to travel and am unwilling to make all the sacrifices I probably should.

It's a balance, for me. Once you complete FODMAP (it really is worth giving it a proper shot...), you can determine for yourself how strictly you will or won't stick to the diet going forward. Everyone's digestive system is different.

Good luck!


I'm def going to look up your blog careful cooking. FODMAPs def helps me. Also factors for me are thyroid levels and PD so it's super important!


Thanks, PatV and ecinue! I hope you enjoy the blog. It's still in its early stages but there will be more to come soon.

PatV, excuse my ignorance, but what is PD?


Hi cdnsara I'm not all that good at all this technology how do I get on your blog.Ive tried the Fodmap diet before but found it quite complicating and I started to loose weight which I can't afford so any help I would be grateful for.hope to here from you soon .


Hi Gemini71! I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties. I do A LOT of venting on the blog about my ups and downs. Sometimes I do find that it helps just to know that someone else out there is going through the same things you are.

The address to the blog is carefulcooking.com. If you just copy and paste the address into your address bar, it should pop up. Let me know if you have any more problems finding it and I can try to help.

Take care!!


Thank you Sara for the information .I found your blog and I haven't had time to go all through it yet,but one question for you ,I know wheat is a really bad Fodmap but I really love bread and I don't really know how to replace it.I usually have a sandwich for my lunch.Have you any suggestions how to replace it.I will definetly follow you and probley drive you mad with questions.Ive had chronic IBS for over12yrs and enough is enough I'll give anything ago. Best wishes and thank you Norma....UK.


I hope you enjoy the blog, Norma! I am certainly no expert on FODMAPs but I have found some excellent wheat/gluten-free bread options. There is a brand called "Udi's" that we have in Canada and the US which has a great white bread and bagel product. Glutino's white bread is good, too. I tolerate both of these brands quite well.

I just checked their websites, though, and it doesn't look like their products are offered in the UK. Perhaps you can order them online? Otherwise, I'm sure there are other wheat-free bread options in your area...

One other tip. Since starting the low-FODMAP diet I find that I tolerate multiple smaller, snack-sized meals throughout the day much better than I do proper full meals. For example, I might eat a bowl of gluten/wheat-free pasta with almond milk around 8am, then have some low-FODMAP fruits or veggies around 10am. Around 11:30am I usually have a small salad with lactose-free cheese or grilled chicken and homemade low-FODMAP dressing (recipes for which will be posted soon on our blog) followed by gluten/wheat-free crackers or pretzels with natural peanut butter around 1pm. I then treat myself to a low-FODMAP chocolate chip cookie around 3pm (recipe on the blog) and try to have an early dinner of chicken and rice, rice pasta with homemade, low-FODMAP tomato sauce (recipe on the blog), omelette with gluten/wheat-free toast etc. I then have lactose free ice cream with some maple syrup and/or natural peanut butter for dessert...

I hope some of those ideas help. I know sticking to a strict diet can be frustrating but, once you start feeling better, it makes it much easier to stay on track.

Good luck!


Thank you xx


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