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It's back


I have been doing the fodmap diet for the last 4wks and felt great.Then I made a big mistake an ate blackberry and apple pie that my husband made.It was very yummy but I am now suffering again withe IBS diarrhoea .

It certainly doesn't take long to return so it's now back to the grindstone.I am now really fed up.

Does anyone out there know of a dietician in Bedfordshire who is trained in the fodmap diet.

Sorry to go on but I feel really low today.

Look forward to any ideas you can suggest.

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No, falling off the wagon is a big mistake and we all do it and wish we hadn't!

Have you started reintroducing any of the food groups back into your diet yet or are you still doing the basic full-elimination process?

NHS dietitians are now trained in FODMAP and you should be able to get a referral quite easily although maybe not speedily!




Thanks for your reply.No I haven't really started introducing foods back as yet.

When you feel well I just thought I would try some pie didn't have that much over the to days that was last week though.It took around four days to take affect.So won't be having any more.I think i will try bread next and see what happens.I am on gluten free at the moment.


Always interesting to here from people who manage Fodmaps, I keep thinking about trying it, but I'm not sure if I have the willpower.

I do a food diary and am working out what gives me the worst diarrhoea. I noted that your pie took four days to affect you. Do you think that's about normal for 'naughty food'. That time frame seems to agree with what I'm experiencing. I'm wondering why so long though?


Yes you have to be so strict and yes I have read somewhere that it can take that time.Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't every one is different.

I won't be straying again.The trouble is you feel well so you think you will just have a bit!! Not good

Good luck if you decide to do it When I am well it is well worth staying on the diet


Thanks Rosie


I found that when doing the reintroduction phase of Fodmap my trigger foods produced symptoms that day or the next day. I did fodmap

Under an nhs dietition and found it really usfull I now know ky trigger foods and avoid them. The only time I know get symtoms is when I am stressed

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Hi Clair

I think everyone is different .If I stay on a lactose an gluten free diet no berries etc I am fine.

I have the monash app that tells you everything you want to know.Iwould get it if you haven't got it already.


It only takes an hour or two for me to know that I've eaten the wrong thing

I can't tolerate dairy (diagnosed IBS 3 years ago at age 65) and stick to a strict diet. However I can't eat a lot of berry fruits and was peeling apples until a few weeks ago when a few weeks ago I had an episode after eating an apple

I know it can be a 'pain' sticking to a diet but I fit keeps you symptom free surely that is better

It was difficult for me after being able to eat whatI wanted for Al, those years but I don't want to be stuck indoors, not going away for holidays or sitting on the toilet several times a day.

I adapted my diet and am happy with what I do - I don't have a life threatening illness



Thanks cricket.I shan't do it again I have learned one valuable lesson there.

Do you eat gluten free bread and have lactose free milk?

That's what I am doing now.

Hope it works?Will keep every thing crosses.



Hi, I keep to a strict diet of the foods I now I can eat , I cannot have fructose or lactose. Thirty years ago I had severe diarrhoea , but I didn't have the awful pain like now. I had all the usual tests .it showed up a gall stone and they said it was IBS ,just watch what you eat and stop eating those foods ,they were dried fruit , tomatoes, onions , and chocolate. So for nearly thirty years I have eaten healthy. I love salad,s & fruit ,I don't smoke or drink. when my stomach started hurting the Dr s said ,it's you gall bladder ,so I had it removed a couple ..of weeks after ,I had eaten a cooked meal, pots,meat,& veg .with In a few minutes I was in agony. Next day I had an apple ,same results. I googled it and found all the foods from thirty years ago and the ones now all have the natural sugar Fructose in them. The other I had a spoonful of runner beans next morning I was in agony and would not leave the house,, I Am 69 years old ,my husband and myself should be enjoying our retirement but I get up early every morning and have to see how my stomach is before planning our day. I eat meat, potatoes ( but not jacket potatoes ) fish,chips, weight watchers white bread there is not much sugar in it. Ham , lactose free milk, and the spread and yogurts & the cheese. Going on holiday is a problem we have stopped going abroad, it's to stressful , but I also watch the tablets I take most of them have lactose in. Sorry this is so long.


Hi I have been the fodmap diet and felt better really quickly. I have been reintroducing foods and have realised wheat and lactose are not good. Tried milk today and within 40 mins had bloating and stomach pain within 45 mins. Still in pain now! I won't do that again. Cannot cope with onion, garlic or cabbage either.

I feel I won't want to reintroduce foods if I get this much pain!! I would rather eat a restricted diet than have pain.


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