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Can anyone help with Fodmap?

Hi everyone,

I keep reading that people are having relief from doing the Fodmap diet, I did buy a book about Fodmap but it's a nightmare to get my head around. Can anyone please suggest any books or ipad apps that are literally very user friendly. I'm not the worlds best cook and thanks to ibs I'm very much into 'plain' meals but I really don't know where to start.

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You're better off making your own meal ideals from the simple FODMAP list. I found this site for you (the document I have I got from work, I'm a medical secretary for Gastro!) blog.katescarlata.com/fodma...


The best sources of information for FODMAPs are as follows:

a) the app available for download from Monash University

b) Patsy Catsos's book 'IBS-Free At Last!' - best to buy the actual book rather than the download the Kindle version as it's easier to read charts etc

c) Sue Shepherd and Peter Gibson's book 'The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet: A Revolutionary Plan For Managing IBS And Other Digestive Disorders'. Sue Shepherd developed the diet at Monash so you can't really go wrong.

I started the diet over a year ago using just the Monash app and Patsy's book (the Sue Shepherd one has only just been published) and found that all other information on the web was misleading, outdated and frequently wrong, so I advise you just to stick with the above.

Hope this helps.



I have b and c but still waiting on the long promised android version of a. Are you following the Low Fodmaps plan under the supervision of a dietitian?


The FODMAPS app is great and is the easiest to understand especially as it has a guide which is on a traffic light system so very easy to follow


Sammi7 - thank you for raising this as I'm so far through the Patsy Castos book and it's nice to know that there is someone else out there that needs help. Krusty, unfortunately I am also doing this on my own as I was informed only recently that they are no longer funding this under the NHS where I live in the UK. Pixiedon and RozB - very helpful, thank you


No longer funding FODMAP? I thought they had only just started to recognise its existence. Which area of the UK did you hear this for?


Hi ibsr, I was under a Dietician in Plymouth, Devon and was informed after I had my initial appointment at the very end of last November that I would hear within 6 months to start on the programme. They informed me that there was another Dietician that was going on a training course for FODMAPs and she would be fully trained to advise on the subject matter within 6 months. I didn't hear within that time so phoned about 8 months later following a holiday and was informed that they were no longer funding it. I have to say that I was disappointed but I was told that there were insufficient funds to carry on with the training.


I got FODMAP Elimination Diet Patsy Catsos 2 nd edition. but finding it difficult to follow but I will try again. going through a bad flare up IBS at the moment and scared to eat anything almost except porridge.


Hi Sammi, sorry to hear your frustration. I found this web helpful. Good luck. m.facebook.com/fructose.fri...


Thank you so much everybody, I'm going to try and give this a real go, thanks for all the advice.


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