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Pain in my right rib

Hi my condition. The pain was in my side under my right rib and radiated through to my back and moved up to my back just behind my right breast. The pain was that bad I could not get comfortable and cried it was so painful. I've been admitted to hospital with the pain and had all the cameras and scans and still found nothing. They thought it may be gaul stones or my gaul bladder. My mum had the same problem for over a year then her gaul bladder burst. I was given tramadol which really helped to begin with then started wakening up with which felt like severe stomach cramps at the top of my stomach just between the rib cage, doctors thought because of this I may have pancreatitis but tests proved I didn't. This pain went in for around one year and I was taking tramadol and oral morph together. It was a good relief but again after a while it didn't help the pain. In the end I became immune to the pain killers. The morphine started making me sick too. After about a year of having this pain It just went, but still got the odd twinge but nothing that wasn't bareable. The pain every now and then is getting worse again. I can't be bothered going to the doctors as I feel I'm wasting my time. Anyone have any suggestions.

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Do you ever have the feeling of a lump on your right hand side and does this and the pain come and go?


I had similar pain with Osteomalacia (bone softening due to severe vit D deficiency). It caused microfractures in my ribs which didn't show up on Xray or ultrasound. Doctors and I thought it was gall bladder (mum's burst and I fit all the risk factors); investigations went on for 10 months. Diagnosis only came when friend of a friend had same problem.

Only other time I had pain that bad in that area was a pulmonary embolism - I think that would have been picked up while you were in hospital! There have been a couple of posts in the last week describing similar issues and another suggestion was Costochondritis (inflammation of connective tissue between ribs).

I've spent a long, long time waiting for doctors to come up with something for several problems - GPs can't know everything about every condition and specialists tend to have very narrow viewpoint. Don't be afraid to make suggestions or ask for tests based on your own research: we all present differently (I've learnt that I tend not to be textbook).

Good luck


Sounds like it may be straining of the muscles around your ribcage. I have similar and have just seen the physio assessor who is referring me but said it is common with Vit D deficiency. I now take supplements - Vit C & D &B12, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, also Rhus Tox which is a homeopathic remedy (see Amazon).



I have had the similar pain and was very bad a few years ago. Had all the MRI's x rays etc. A Hida scan revealed gallbladder sludge. A friend suggested the Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Liver and Gallbladder cleanse. I asked my primary doctor, my chiropractor, and a naturapath. They all suggested I try it. The cleanse removed hundreds of gall bladder stones some the size of marble, a couple the size of large marbles. After that I was fine for many years. Still have to do the cleanse at least four times per year. Hope this helps.


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