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Levator ani syndrome

Has anyone experienced a dull dragging pressure type pain in rectum. It is not sharp and seems to be mainly on the left.

I have no bleeding or problems emptying my bowels but do have ibs and I understand the above is connected to ibs.

I have only had it a few days but it is very uncomfortable but does not interefere with sleep.

Any advice


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My sympathies. I have had the same pain, particularly when I have an IBS flare-up of diarrhoea. At the same time, I have the feeling of constantly needing a bowel motion - tenesmus - which, again, is all part of IBS. The pain is only now fading after about six weeks and it made me feel very unwell as I couldn't sit properly and also gave me low back pain. I believe mine is Levator Ani Sydrome, too and, following advice from the IBS Network, I asked my GP about a low dosage of Amitriptyline, which, with Paracetamol, seems to have worked quite well for me. The first time I got it, 18 months ago after a severe flare-up, it disappeared of its own accord, but then came back a few months ago. If it continues, I would ask your GP about Amitriptyline. I hope you're soon feeling better.


I have the same - my problem worsens after a couple of days of Lactulose. I have no idea why. It starts late evening and is very uncomfortable until I go to the loo the following morning and then it's fine. I have seen my GP several times over the past 5 years with this, to be told it's just part of IBS. He can find nothing obviously wrong, and said it's visceral hypersensitivity. It starts as a pressure sensation and can become very painful. Wind makes it much worse! Lying down helps - not terribly practical all evening though. Then it disappears for weeks.


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