ibs is really getting me down

hi everyone hoping whats happening to me is normal ,i started 15 yrs ago with what i was told was i bs ,i would geyt a bad bout once a year at that point but now its really getting me down ,what happens is i can eat something and minuates after i start with really bad cramping pains that stop me in my tracks ,i then feel the need to go to the loo where i can be for an hour or more ,each time i get the cramping pains its like a fountain that just explodes and the pain in my stomache is unbelieveble i get to the point where im sweating and feel like im going to pass out ,rhen i start with the sickness i have to make sure i have a bucket with me as i crnt get off the loo but im always sick with it ,its becoming more regular now where it was once a yr its now every month ,does anyone else have the same problems

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  • Not the same but has taken 2 bad years to realize after really bad day /night that not only milk but fruit sugars gave bad cramps after having 2 lovely pears. Was given all sorts medication plus some thinking ...all in mind/ due to stress. Hope to have better sleep tonight if am right. Looks as if I have developed an intolerance to sugars for some reason. Diagnose coeliac few years back. Hope you get correct help and not told in the mind. Sorry not any help to you. Appears Ive been agrivating bowels with sugars so no wonder medication not much help.

  • hi supermum i hv ib.s. attacts sumtimes everytime i eat so i went on glutton and wheat free diet also lacto bin helpin very well untill i get stressed and then it start ,s because u r sick is u hv that much pressure in ur bowel that y u feel sick i wud try the diet im on and c hw it goes hp it helps anne x

  • Hi

    I have the exact same thing - I've had IBS for 10 years now and understand when I'm having a flare up but this is totally different and has lasted 2 weeks now. I'm unsure whether this is a flare up or some sort of bug - it's def not a food intolerance. How are you doing now?

  • Like Anne said it could be diet related. I used to get the same excrutiating pains until I started watching which foods I was eating and when I was getting the pains. Have you tried the FODMAP diet? I found this very helpful to sort out which foods I would react to. Hope this helps

  • Google "Wai Diet". I've been on this for a month now and it's not only helped with my IBS but with my acne as well. Take care.


  • thanku everyone for your replys they have been very helpfull

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