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Bloating and feeling full


I know bloating is part of ibs but it makes me feel full after eating. Along with constant abdo pains going from place to place I have googled myself into panic. People on here have helped me so much but can I ask a few questions to calm myself down.

Does anyone else feel full more quickly

When I eat I feel like a heavy weight is in my stomach

I feel bloated but my husband says my stomach is no different, I am quite slim

How long can a flare last . This started with just pain near sternum and about a week ago dropped to lower tum and all round.

It is not agony but severe discomfort, I have not lost my appetite but will probably soon as I suffer with health anxiety and thanks to googling have convinced myself it is ovarian cancer.

Have had abdo ultrasound very recently and about 10 months ago pelvic and abdo ct with contrast and pelvic mri all were ok but I read ovarian cancer grows quickly.

Keep having tests I know from the past can lead to more unnecessary ones and drs tell me it is not the answer but if the pains went I would not worry.

Thank you

Terrified Maria

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Hi,just to put your mind at rest,don't think IBS can just be a flare up.Ive suffered with daily pain for about 6-7yrs now,and I'm still If it's just discomfort you've got just go with it,it will probably subside,the more you stress the worse you could make it.

So just sit back with a nice cup of tea,close your eyes and try and relax. If Google worries you don't do it. Try and take your mind off it by music,book,TV or whatever you enjoy doing. Don't worry.x

bourne62 in reply to Gemini71

Tk you, deep down I know I am overacting but dont remember the bloat being so bad or should I say sensation of bloat. If anyone has had this in my case as soon as I eat I would appreciate your help

Hi I have exactly the same symptoms as you and it's IBS, feel full, uncomfortable, I get a back ache as well. My stomach is swollen though

Bloating doesn't always cause distension but it can still cause discomfort. People tend to look bloated when the gut bacteria release too much gas so people's stomachs swell. However, the sensation of bloating can also be caused by too much water being excreted into the gut. It's hard to say what causes that but by swallowing food your body is kicking the rest of the gut into action too fast and too much. Scientists have also shown that the intestines of people who suffer from IBS are more sensitive to pain so even small changes in the gut contents can be disproportionately uncomfortable.

If you were also experiencing pain in the sternum, this could be a sign of acid reflux. It wouldn't be unusual to have this alongside IBS because the muscle that lets food into the stomach (and is supposed to keep the stomach acid in there) is under the same automatic control system as the rest of the gut. Therefore, you may find that some Gaviscon after a meal may help to reduce this pain in the future. However, speak to your doctor if you are taking any other medication, especially around mealtimes, because it may alter the effectiveness.

Speaking of drugs, there are several listed under the NICE clinical guidelines that can be used to relax the gut. Some are taken before meals, others are taken once a day. They often take a while before they start showing any improvements, especially the ones you take once a day, and unfortunately it's a case of trial and error working out which drug(s) works for you.

Your health anxiety is probably contributing to the problem so you might also benefit from some CBT or mindfulness. Both can be done from books but if you're anything like me the assistance of someone else to guide you through it, and talk through the wider issues, will be more beneficial. You can get CBT on the NHS but it's a long waiting list.

One comment above suggested not looking at Google for your symptoms. I'd agree, but I also appreciate it's not the easiest thing to do, especially as it seems to be habit forming. What I recommend is, when you feel the urge, actively do something else instead. Take a few deep breathes, tell yourself you are just having a natural over-reaction to something that concerns you and that the feeling will fade, and then maybe go for a quick walk/do some simple exercises etc. (as long as it doesn't involve sitting around doing nothing).

IBS won't always be affected by diet (sometimes it can happen no matter what you eat) but have you spoken to a dietician about the low FODMAP diet?

I think flare-ups vary for everyone if they get them. Mine usually last 2-5 days, and go above-and-beyond my daily IBS issues. But I wouldn't be surprised with a much longer flare either, there are so many reasons you could be feeling ill, food, stress, sleep, exercise, hormones etc etc. As hard as it is, don't jump to the worst conclusions. Stress is terrible for making things worse.

Hi there I went on gsrlic and parsley tablets for any fermentation and a good probiotic for a month. Well worth it.


When you feel stressed try using Rescue Remedy

LEEboy71 in reply to Hidden

What sort of rescue remedy is there? I suffer terrible bloating & wind pains after eating. Thanks.

Hidden in reply to LEEboy71

Rescue Remedy can be bought at any chemist - it's a natural product that helps anxiety

the bloat is definately part of this IBS. yesterday i felt so fat and yucky , i could not move as well as i did earlier in the week . I take metamucil every night and still have serious bloat . It seems fine in the morning but by mid day , i look pregnant again. ( not to insult or make fun of all those beautiful pregnant mommas out there ). I am following the FODMAP diet and scared to eat something that is not on the plan. I also take a good probiotic every morning . My doctor put me on Constella but it gave me wicked and unpredictable diarrhea so i discontinued the use.

Good luck , one thing i have noticed is that eveyone is different and so is their IBS symptoms and flare-ups

Gripe water or whiskey hot water and sugar,wind causes bloating

You are all so kind on here to take the time to help me I was almost in tears that people care. Please can I just ask if anyone has their pain manifest like this. I have this sort of stretched full pain which moves all the time. Mainly over top of abdomen above navel right across but also sides and sometimes low. It does feel gaslike but it has been nearly a week now with a day or two when it moved up to upper abdo. I thought ibs was only left or right side lower abdo, pain.

Colpermin has not helped.

Ruthm27 in reply to bourne62

I know this is an old post but just came across it and yes the discomfort I feel is the same as yours and it makes me very anxious too!

Currently, I was getting bloated wind pains . started high up ( sternum) area.. It felt like it would gradually move down and I would experience quiet bad pain relived to some extent by passing loads of gas or often a dash to the loo and a sudden complete emptying of the insides. Pain would subside but often still did not feel great--maybe worried and stressed by this , as this was slightly different symptoms and seemed to be a regular event --worse after a meal.

I am currently trying Silocolgel bought without prescription from Boots Chemist. So far big improvement , right from first dose , stomach much calmer , pain not totally gone but much reduced , as has been the diarrhea episodes.

Might be worth a try. Also --I think most of us worry something bad going on , even after years and years of suffering . I t does seem to help though to discuss and know you are not alone.

Hope things improve.


Tks Will and everyone else, Will I dont suffer diarrhoea would silicolgel still be ok. You sound very similar to me with symptoms. Mine travels but passi g wind which I dont do much of makes little difference

Hi Maria....... I too have had the same worries as you and have drove myself mad😔....... I have had a flare up on and off since the beginning of December and it's horrible..have you been tested for divaticulitus??. This to can cause these symptoms and I know myself that is what is wrong with me but I still feel worried....stress I have found out can add to your symptoms and exaggerate them 10 fold, I know it hard but I find deep breathing and light exercise helps.... I know I haven't been much help, just wanted you to know your not alone. Take care ........ Best wishes Frantic Linda😬

Hi Bourne62,

Just noticed your question re Silicolgel. To be honest not sure if this product is correct for you. It seems to put a coating /lining on the stomach and has helped me with a sort of hollow nagging acidy feeling which usual results in a bout of D . Especially after a main meal.

I would suggest having a look at what is says on their website as I have found it pretty much , " does what it says on the Tin".

It does not taste nice but its only swallowing 1 tablespoonful. I don't think it would cause any problems giving it a try but there is no doubt from reading the many posts ,that we all suffer with slightly different symptoms and even these can change.

I hope you find something that works. I have had IBS since I was 21 years old and will be 70 this year and Silicolgel ,which I have only started a week ago , is the first product that I have found, in all that time , which looks like having much of an impact.

Having said that, it is early days and fingers and toes are crossed.

Good Luck


Will, thank you again. I will buy it tomorrow as it does state on their site treats abdo pain etc so it is worth a try. Pain bit better today but it moves from day to day and one day is better the next not.

I too had ibs since my 20s and I am 64 so we definitely dont grow out of it. I really hope you continue to do well and thank you for posting as I had never heard of it. It wont help everyone but seems to help many and I suffer also from hiatus hernia and acid. My poor husband is so desperate for me to improve he wanted to run out immediately and buy it lol.

Many thanks


Hi Maria,

Hope it helps. Another product that helps with pain or spasms of pain ,is Colofac IBS .

It can be bought on internet or got on prescription as Mebeverine. I have tried this and it did help with gas pains when I had a bad acute attack. Silocolgel ,I find is more suitable, as for me it does more to prevent the problem rather than help after pain starts.

I understand where your husband is coming from , my wife would feel the same. She tries to understand but it is difficult for non -suffers to understand and I am quite sure it must be very trying for our partners , especially when it is a daily problem and sometimes you have to abandon plans-maybe at last minute .

If you suffer IBS C --fybogel is another good product and Emeprozol from the doctor is good for stopping the production of stomach acid.

That is all the main products I have tried--maybe something there will help.

I am going to Tenerife for most of February--leaving on Wednesday early morning and I can say that I am starting to get stressed about the journey --it sort of comes into your head , --as --What if I have a bad day ?--How will I make it ? With IBS D you also worry about things like getting to the loo in time and on a flight -what if I am in the Loo for ages and a big queue is building outside etc. etc.

IBS is a struggle to live with at times and as you say , after 40 plus years of suffering it is not likely to go away. On a brighter not , there are much worse things to have , things that would have finished us off long before reaching our sixties.

All The best


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