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Newbie Question: Undiagnosed Lower Right Quadrant pain. Anyone had something similar?


Hi everyone. I've had IBS for over 10 years. My usual symptons are occassional crippling cramps and daily loose stalls. I've just been discharged from a 5 day stay in hospital with right lower quadrant pain (constant soreness and regular stabbing pain which intensified dramatically when pressure was applied directly to the area.) The pain started 2 weeks ago. I had daily blood & urine tests, an ultra sound and CT scan but nothing could be identified.

I still have a constant aching pain but with less frequent stabbing (still intensifying under pressure) and have been told to return to clinic in 6 weeks.

I was wondering if anyone can share a similar experience? It's so frustrating not to have a proper diagnosis yet know that something has to be causing it! Thank you for reading.

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Hi I suffer with the same problem too, when I first developed it I was taken to hospital with suspected ectopic but that was ruled out and was told it's probably colic, 14+ years later I still suffer! just got a new Gp so hoping to finally get this resolved, I know I am not much help as I have only a diagnosis of ibs but just wanted you to know your not alone x

ClaraM in reply to Wilco77

Thanks for your reply Wilco77. Having had all the tests, they have ruled out the really nasty things so I'm really thankful for that. It's just so frustrating to be in so much pain and then basically to be told that there's nothing wrong! I hope your new GP helps you find some answers.

I hope so too Hun, we know our own body and know when something is not right. I hope you eventually get some answers too and some relief.

Donna x

Also not sure if this helps or not but I was told to google Ileocecal Valve (I C V) Syndrome, and I am wondering if this is a possibility.

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