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I have been suffering with acid reflux particularly at night whilst lying in bed.  I had an endoscopy 2 years ago which showed gastritis.  This time I had been taking one Lansoprazole a day for about a month, but was feeling worse.  The doctor told me to take 30mg twice a day plus gavascon advanced, to see if that helps. However I decided to try a natural remedy first, half a lemon in warm water in the morning and a tsp of cider vinegar in water prior to eating. There is a big improvement so I don't want to go back to taking Lansoprazole.  However I am very confused as I assume the ppi remedies are intended to reduce acid and lemon and vinegar are acidic. If I stop taking the lemon and vinegar the reflux returns, I wonder if I should be taking it for a particular length of time, it has only been just over a week. To add to the confusion I bought the herbal remedy Centaurium which also helps a bit, but don't know whether that should be taken alongside the lemon and vinegar.  Please advise

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  • Hi! tummy

    That is interesting you should mention the lemon and warm water because that is what a friend recommended to me and I can only think that it acts like a homeopathic remedy "treat like with like".  Acid reflux is new to me so cannot advise you further it will be a learning curb-wish you well  

  • High acid and low acid have very similar symptoms . So if you feel better using more acidic things it could be because you in actual fact have low acid.

  • I wondered about low acid, I just don't know what the cause is.

  • Hi tummy what are the Simptons of (low acid ) Sunnycot 

  • II have been told they are similar to having too much acid in the system, I think there is more information on this site.

  • Although lemon is an acid fruit it has an alkaline effect in the body. Digestive enzymes also help resolve acid reflux. If you want more info email me. 

  • I will try digestive enzymes, are they in tablet form or are there certain foods which provide them.

  • Jackiereader is correct, also don't lie down for 2-3 hours after eating, try taking 2 garlic tablets each da for a month and 1 probiotic. Wishing you well. 

  • Thanks,  If I leave 3 hours after eating or drinking before lying down, I find that helps.  By probiotic, do you mean the tablets or the probiotic drinks?

  • in tablet form is fine. 

  • Thanks will try the probiotic tablets

  • Hi again, what the garlic does is help kill any fermentation, they are worth a try 2 a day.

  • I eat a lot of garlic but the tablets may contain more of the vital ingredients.

  • I used a wedge pillow at night for several years  .Then ,started eating a lot of raspberries as a fruit that was Ok  on the FODMAP diet and my reflux caused by an hiatus hernia  mysteriously stopped .Not a mystery really as I realised that raspberries have an alkaline effect on stomach acid .So I had inadvertently discovered a way of  reducing stomach acid  . Try it .

  • Thanks Huston, I will definitely try the raspberries and have a look at the FODMAP diet.

  • Within the ibs search put in causes of low stomach acid - within the posts you might find the answers you look for.

  • Thanks will do that

  • Thanks will look that up

  • Hi, I get stress related IBS and also suffer from night time reflux during stressful times. I have tried sleeping propped up and that helps a bit but since taking silicolgel for my IBS, I've not suffered with the reflux. It is a natural remedy for both IBS and indigestion symptoms. Might be worth you trying this. I kept complaining of a constant sore throat - I felt I had been waking up for over a hear with a sore throat and I didn't realise that you can go through the day without suffering reflux but experience it at night without knowing it is happening, hence the acid contributing to the sore throat each morning. This has worked for me and I just take 1 tablespoon a day but if I am in a particularly stressful time, I take one in the morning and one at night. Hope this helps.

  • Yes I also wake up with a sore throat with only a few symptoms during the day.  I will definitely try Silicolgel, I have seen it advertised and wondered if it would help.  Thanks.

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