What is anyone's experience finding out you have very little to no stomach acid?

I have a feeling this is why my sibo (bacteria) came back. Took the HCL pills & was up to 6 of them, so I know I don't produce stomach acid. But however, the pills didn't make me feel very well. so stopped taking them. Anyways just curious anybody having experience w/low stomach acid

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  • yes. my digestion is very sluggish at the moment. It does not want to work at normal speeds. I take HCL and digestive enzymes to supplement my diet. It helps me digest my food.

  • Thanks for sharing with me, I'm going to start low doses of hcl & work up

  • I would recommend you get tested by a Kinesiologist to see which enzyme / HCL is right for you. Heres a blog on stomach acid you might find useful healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

  • Thank you for the info! Never heard of a kinesiologist, def someone to get in touch with.

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